Can anyone tell me how I figure out where my minerals are located in Greene County PA?  On the lease there is a Tax ID number and the descriptions in the deeds don't do a whole lot for me (I don't know where the white birch is...).  I see there is a Property Assessment Database online but I do not have a professional license so unable to access.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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Yes, the descriptions of parcels are very difficult. I know that some of mine included, past a stone, near a stick. If you have the tax ID you should be able to find the parcels. I will ask my attorney and the landsman I used if they can recommend a place to look. Also, if you call the energy companies, they can direct you where to look.

I just found the addresses for martha with her tax id parcel numbers. Call 1-724-743-6700. Tell them you are trying to locate addresses for parcels containing oil and gas minerals. Give them the tax id. They will be able to give you the number of acres you have, the name of the landowners, and their addresses. It is the Greene county courthouse where these records are kept. From there I googled the names of the landowners and their phone numbers are listed. Also if you google the township where your parcels are, find the name and phone number of the supervisor of that township. Talk with them and they can provide you with information. Hope this helps. Debbie


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