anyone getting any decent offers to buy minerals lately?

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That company backed out of that offer though didn't they Scott

No I rejected it & decided to hold out.........

So 15k for leasing is the highest?

seems like asking for 10k for leasing in monroe county is fair

yes..........but that was for a huge chunk in a prime area.

I would think that jackson,lee and perry townships are at least close to prime areas judging by all I read on here


All the publicity has been about the wet Utica and how valuable it is.   People have a hard time realizing that the volumes of dry Utica being found on both sides of the Ohio River are going to make the landowners lots of money, as well as the wet Marcellus that is there.  

The question for Monroe County remains how far does the Marcellus extend into the county and it appears the closer to the Ohio River the bigger the volume in the dry Utica which is a great for Monroe County.

A good friend of mine was offered what figures out to be 22K an acre , Guernsey County . What they did was offer a total price, I think it was 750 k, you can figure out their acres from that. They turned then down and the company said what would it take then to buy your minerals. Big money. Wow

Evan, what township?

Sorry Millwood Township

Do you know the name of the co?

Yeah Scott it was vine. My neighbor just closed a big deal with them , and I'm in negotiations with them.


Was this  22k/acre  for acreage that was in a unit or scheduled to be in a unit?  I've thought about selling half my interest but I haven't made up my mind yet.  I drove down that way a few days ago and there is a log of activity.  Went down in Monroe and saw a lot of activity there as well.




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