I'm trying to find out what price is a good price for selling a percentage or portion of my mineral rights is .I'm in Greene Co. Pa.


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A few questions first:

 1. Are you sure that you own the mineral rights? 

 2 Have you been approached about leasing? If not perhaps you are already under a lease.

Answer those two questions first.

 3. Assuming that you may have been approached about leasing what was the amount per acre offered and the     royalty percentage? 

 4. What is the value of the property without any consideration of of oil & gas development? 

 5. Will oil and gas exploration ruin the land for say development, you might not get anything for it in the future?

 6. Are there any wells in your area that have been drilled recently, what are they producing?

 Whatever you might think of selling a percentage or portion it would be speculation.

  You asked but be careful now it appears as if you may be a depressed seller if you are you will be taken advantage of big time. 

Personally I would sit upon it tighter than Israel does their land.


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