Does anyone know of any cases that have been won for the mineral right owners in the Belmont Ohio courts in the last few months. Bonnie

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I think most cases in Belmont were decided in favor of the surface owners as was most other counties.

Bonnie, do you think you have a problem with your ownership of your minerals? As always seek an attorney for legal advice but we can help you understand the issue better.

No one is making decisions now until the Supreme Court rules later this year and hopefully settles it once and for all.

Hi Bonnie,

  I agree that most of the cases have been decided in favor of surface owners. However, there are a number of cases pending with the Ohio Supreme Court that should be decided soon. These cases address a very wide array of disputed issues surrounding the Ohio Dormant Minerals Act(s). 

  The cases are very diverse and in some instances, complicated and nuanced. In their totality, they should put to rest the issues, which unfortunately are also  interrated. A detailed explantaion of all this would extend to several pages. There are likely to be significant winners and losers.

  Probably not much help.



Thank you for all the replies. Our lawyer won't go to court for us till there is some wining cases in the courts for the mineral owners. Bonnie


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