Mineral rights question: Deed reads: "all the mineral stone coal"

Looking at a deed in Ohio that reads as follows: ".......and known as and being all the mineral stone coal underlying the following described premises situated in the township of..........." 

This deed is from 1987, so it was written in recent times. The above quote is EXACTLY the way it appears. Before and after are description of where the property is located. 

My question is: what minerals do I get with this deed? I have not consulted with a lawyer yet. I've never seen the phrase "mineral stone coal" used in a deed before. A google search for the phrase has not netted me any information. 

I asked the county auditor to see how they were taxing the property. They said minerals are valued at $100 per acre, except oil/gas which is not taxed until it is produced. This parcel is valued at $100 per acre, but does not list what minerals are being taxed. The auditor has it listed as a mineral parcel.  It does not say "coal only" as I have seen other parcels labeled.

Is it minerals, stone and coal?  Is it all the coal? Is it one certain type of coal?  How do you interpret?


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What County?

Any commas between the words mineral stone and coal ?

Any way you can post a picture of the deed (with names and pertinent blacked out if you like) ?


It may have been written in 1987 but if it was prepared by a lazy person they probably cut and pasted that description.

You may have to go back a few deeds and find the deed it was originally in or one with a different description.


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