Is anyone else missing a royalty check from Rice Energy / EQT?

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We have not received our check for october yet.  I assume that they are just late this month.  Despite being fairly consistent this year on pay dates, They have done similar things in the past. 

YES!!! we were wondering if we got skipped over,but I'm glad we're not the only ones.

No check here, either. 

Same here, no October payment from EQT received yet.  Currently, about 1 week late...    

Same, usually get email notification around the 18th, receive check in mail check about th 20th of month.
Did they sell to Gulfport? Just wondering because I got a random $21 check from Gulfport a few weeks ago. I don’t normally get a physical check.

I am starting to worry because my mom’s well was just shut in but she is with Antero. I haven’t gotten any type of notice. Even if it’s shut in, we should still be due a shut in payment per my lease but haven’t received anything.

Shut in payments don't normally get triggered until 3 months of being out of production, so check your lease.  If you have been getting only checks from EQT it is possible that an audit triggered a payment to correct an older issue. I think most Gulfport shared properties were taken over by EQT.  I can't say for sure.  Just a guess.

I normally get 2 monthly deposits. One from EQT and one from Gulfport because our well has multiple collateral lines and they are each owned by a different company for some reason. 2 of them cross our property. The reason I wondered if it sold is because the EQT line has changed hands 3 times already and I know that Gulfport doesn’t pay until the very end of the month.

Wouldn’t I get some notification of a shut in? I mean, they are paying us for production from 2 months ago so you would think even if we weren’t notified, that online sources, etc wouldn’t still show the well is producing if it was shut in 2 months prior. Unless I am misunderstanding the concept of a shut in and they are allowed to continue production and just not pay me?

Antero sent my mom a letter saying she was shut in and included a check for 3 months of shut in payments at once. She is in an entirely different area though from our well.

Good information.  Each situation is different I guess.  EQT bought out Gulfport on our wells so we quit getting checks from gulfport several years ago.  So obviously that wasn't across the board.  I would think you would get notice if the wells are shut in.  I think we did when our wells were shut in 2 years ago.  Definitely gas prices have taken a dive so it is possible.  That is great that your mom got shut in payments.  that is good to see in a lease.   

Got paid from EQT. A bit late, but here. 


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