Everybody who has a lease with Montage/Eclipse, be sure to check your July statement.  They took 97% in deductions from my property in Ohio this month.  You read that correctly: ninety-seven percent of my royalties were deducted.

If this is happening to you, write it here.  If you are an attorney who is interested in making some cash from a class-action lawsuit, write it here.  

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If there is anyone interested in class action, count me in.  They took a cool 96.3% from me this month.  Crooks, the lot of them.

Quick question, did you sign a lease keeping the Post Production or did you have that taken out? Thanks

How exactly do you figure up what they took out?

Check the bottom line of your monthly statement.  Divide deductions/gross, and that's what percentage has been taken. 

We have same problem. We would be willing to go in.  Bout ready to go solo at this point.

I think if more people checked their statements, they would be outraged.  I've reached out to attorneys that I've worked with in the past, and every single one of them has flipped to representing the companies rather than landowners.

If you know anyone else with these issues, tell them to post it here!  We'll put all the info in one place.

They take 2k in deductions and you get $100. The 100 bucks doesn’t come close to a 25% royalty 

Yes, you see it right on the check, looks like this, for example: Owner Gross: $2000.00; Owner Net: $100.00

A nice kick in the balls when you open the mail.


Couldn't have put it better myself.

Deductions from gross royalties

Southwestern Energy has an offer for an all stock deal to take over Montage which was just announced today.


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