Many folks have posted on this site that time will tell if the Utica and Marcellus shale plays will ever amount to anything important. From my perspective it appears that the big boys think so. Large infrastructure companies continue to invest in Ohio, WV and PA.

As usual I'll let an article do the talking and make my point better than my words can.

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Not Enough Infrastructure !

Too Much Gaming !

Too Much Crookery !

Too Much Wasted Time !

Too Much Concern Over Foreign Interests !

Not Enough Concern About Domestic Interests !

Too Much Politics !

Not Enough Development !

No Leadership !

Too Impatient !

Just kidding. I know for we in the north it's maddening to watch the development pass us by.

But I believe it will eventually come our way.

I think :

The sooner the better Mark.

And without shenanigans.

For the betterment of the whole country.

What's it take - another World War ? Notice I didn't give the next World War I reference a number ? That's because I don't know how many we're up to / had already - or is it more accurate to consider it all as just one continuous fray and stop trying to enumerate them individually do you think ?

I'm leaning toward the one continuous fray philosophy myself.


mornin joseph-ohio

the only thing I can say is DITTO

THERE IS ALREADY A infrastructure thread and this article has already been posted and joseph-ohio already has replied on it  the same thing

So what ?

If it's posted again I'll probably reply there too.

Reach more people that way - don't you think so too ?

Joseph, Mark, be careful. You'll irritate Mike. A mere passing mention of the Northern Utica causes him consternation. If I were working for a company with interests in the area, I would do my best to keep morale, (and prices) low. It does so happen that Chesapeake and Enervest already have very large holdings in the Northern Utica. Relax Mike, the market and Saudi's are doing your job for you right now, but as you know, things go down - then they go up. The clock is ticking on the BP leases in Trumbull, a year and nine months to go, and boy, things are down overall as we speak. As that period winds down and nears its end, that will really be the time to push back on expectations. The Landmen that will be showing up will appreciate it. JMHO.  

Thanks for the great advice Sage and especially the insight it conveys.

Kindly keep your eye on these things along with us.

Great to read your comments / posts / replies.

Keep the ball rolling.

Standing by.

Sage59, I'm not sure that this p

Are you talking about the Northern Utica in NW Tioga County, PA and Potter County, PA?

I was referring to north east Ohio Tim. It's the area I know best, as I live here. I hope that area activity and results are positive for those PA counties you mention. Hilcorp is doing well in Mercer county PA. From what I read, the Utica Shale is a real giant.
On that note --- I had (by total chance) an interesting conversation with a Mahoning County building inspector last month. I asked him generally how things were for the county. His reply was "Very busy, mainly because of the O & G activity." I said that is terrific, and we talked a bit more. He then mentioned that he had just had a meeting with a VP from Vallourec about business. By the way, Vallourec Star is North America's leading producer of seamless Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG). The VP commented to him that "You have no idea what you are standing on here."    I suppose that the inspector could have been standing on the VP's toe, but I think the VP meant the Utica Shale. It bears repeating, "You have no idea what you are standing on here."

I know that it is second hand info, talk is cheap, etc., but it was from a person that had no agenda about the issue other than to look forward to, and is presently seeing, positive things happening in Mahoning County from the activity in the Marcellus and Utica Shale. I also realize that nothing is going to happen to most of us tomorrow, but the future does hold promise. Now, if we could just push those pesky Saudi kings and princes aside and really let the engineers go to town --------.  (And Mike, my comments do have to do with infrastructue, Vallourec Star and all.)

If any of you folks wish to post any solid information , don't forget my post , INFRASTRUCTURE.
If you just want to vent and squabble you can keep that on this post. Thanks!


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