Morrow County Ohio - first horizontal well/Trempealeau formation

Anybody heard of these guys out of Houston?

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Never heard of them but it looks like they did some type of Enhanced Recovery on the Orrie Myers well up there. Better question is does anyone know what the Orrie Myers well is?
With the limited information I probably see this as some type of Enhanced Recovery. A true attempt at a horizontal well bore into a shale in central Ohio would most likely be into the Lower Chazy which lies below the Trempeleau there. In some circles it's a consensus that the LC is/was the source rock for the prolific wells in that area. Within the past few years EVEP has done some testing up that way. Cardington Oil Boom early 1960's. Orrie Myers well was rumored to have an IP of 1200/bbls a day.
Never heard of the Lower Chazy formation and not much on it when I Google. Thanks!

no such formation "lower chazy" need ap roper name not some slang name

Whatever you would like to call it Mr. Murphy. I will make a note and remind the geologists at Battelle to quit using slang.

For the geologically curious, here is a reference to the rock units the term Chazy  references. 

Mike is technically correct it is not a specific formation, however, it would not be correct to call it slang, perhaps professional shorthand.

"Lower Chazy which lies below the Trempeleau there."

Above the Trempeleau not below.
Permitted 8/12/2015
API# 34117242600000
3200 foot lateral head NNE from the pad into the Trempeleau formation.
Nice to see some exploration with all the recent bad news.
Very Good. Is there any indication that the HZ will be fraced? Rig on site?
I think most of the users of this website that are west of I77 have left the forum. Thanks for the info though.

Very much interested in this.  Keep the info coming.  All these Trenton wells get their oil somewhere!

That's opposite to the direction that a typical Utica Well lateral is drilled as I understand.

Utica well horizontals typically track southeast - northwest as I understand.


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