As usual, the anti fossil fuel folks are promoting this myth using one sided studies funded by anti fossil fuel organizations; and twisting statistics for their nefarious purposes.

I have taken several courses in Statistics. One professor admonished, myself and my classmates, to never become to wrapped up in the statistics. They are a tool, not a conclusion. And just as it is with any tool they can be mis-used.

For example: Here is a true statistic - every time the leaves on the trees shake the wind blows. Conclusion - the shaking of the leaves causes wind.

Another article for your reading edification:

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The anti fossil fuel folks are the same ones who believe in the myth of anthropogenic (man-caused) global climate change.  Many also believe carbon dioxide is a pollutant.  My solution for them:  don't exhale.

Many of these same fools even deny the existence of Almighty God.  When people believe in nothing, they will believe anything.

Thus the reason for the attack on religious beliefs by the hard left.

The hard left that populate and dominate the anti-fossil fuel movement.


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