I have noticed in our past royalty checks that Chesapeakes checks are paying lower each month while stat, Mit, and Anadarko are rising.  I dont understand why, with the price of nat gas rising why arent Chesapeake royalties rising like the rest of the companies.

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Just wondering what they are paying now for royalties and up front bonus payments??

stay away from Chesp. if you can Market Enhancement clause is a rip off to land owners. all that cost is part of doing bussness they should at least pay half of it if not all of it

What exactly does market enhancement clause mean.  i ll  need   know when i negotiate with Ches.

RE: "What exactly does market enhancement clause mean"

Basically it means that they will reduce your royalties by coming up with all sorts of deductions (real or imagined).

It is a situation that seems to be an absolute "magnet" for abuse; and CHK seem to be the "Bernie Madoff" of market enhancements.






If I were you I would immediately contact Ron Carlton from Carroll County.  He will be able to tell you everything you need to know.  http://www.alov.us/contactsure.html   He is incredibly well-informed and happy to help fellow landowners.

His phone number at Carlton Tree Farms is 330.738.4196  His group has represented thousands of acres and hundreds of landowners in negotiating with Chesapeake and other companies.  He knows all their guys and all their tactics.  Best of luck and don't forget to insist on gross royalties!!!

CHK pays lower than the other three, in other words it takes more deductions.


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