Did anyone notice a drastic decline in NG prices from February to March?  On my February royalty statement pricing was an average of 5.30 and March is about 3.95 and just wondering what may have happened.  Any idea what April prices will look like?  Minerals located in Greene County PA. Not complaining, just wondering.

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Two out of three of my last checks have been about a third of what the checks had been.  The well has been in production not quite a year.  The well is in Belmont County, Ohio.

Lower production month to month I understand.  What I don't understand is the price per mmbtu going down from February to March when I thought it has only been going up?  Also, gas pricing in the Marcellus doesn't seem to follow Henry Hub, is there like a "Henry Hub" pricing for the Marcellus?


Same here in Susquehanna with SWN


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