My family received their first royality check for our 80 acres in wetzel county wv. Does anyone have recommendations for a accountant and lawyer who speciliaz3s in oil and gas. We need to make sure taxes are dealt with correctly and make sure we are getting what the contract says we should get. Also make sure we are protecting everything. Tax incentives etc....any help.would be very appreciated.

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The two attorney offices in the area that I know about are Windom Law Offices  (father and son Rodney Windom and Scott Windom) in Ritchie County, 2 counties south, but active in the area, and Dean Rohrig in Tyler County, directly south of Wetel. I don't have a link for him. They both do work in the field and are likely familiar with the Wetzel county area; many similarities.

Thank you
And congratulations on then lease finally paying off!!
Yes...finally. but the wait was worth it since the prices are so good. 80 acres is nice. Gadd pad. Peeler, charlette 1h and 2h. First check was quite nice.



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