Curious to hear about people's experiences negotiating the location of gathering pipelines on your property.  If the location proposed by the pipeline company was not good, were you able to negotiate a different route across your land or was it a deal breaker?  Are there particular reasons that influence pipeline companies more than others?  

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If you own the oil and gas rights and they are not leased and if the oil and gas company does not have the right of eminent domain, you can bar the gathering line from coming across your property or if you are willing to do a right of way agreement, then you should be able to select the location. If the property is already under lease, the lease needs to be checked as it may allow the oil and gas company to choose the location. If you haven't entered into a right of way agreement or a lease, a provision should be included allowing you to approve the location along with a provision barring a change of location without your consent. If you are in a position to approve the location, your leverage may often depend on whether there are other routes that the only and gas can choose from. If the oil and gas company is limited in the direction it can go and your property is one of the only areas it can go through, you should have leverage; not only leverage to dictate the location, but also what you will be paid per linear foot for the line to go across your property. 


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