My part-time neighbor (landowner, lives out of state, no mineral rights) got a letter for water testing due to the fact Ascent Resources wants to drill within 2000' of his property; specifically, the Betts LND GR Well Pad. This pad already has three wells, been in production well over a year, and does not have more room for any new laterals -- unless they are at a different depth (IMO). I've not been able to find out anything more. Can someone point me in the right direction for permits or something to find out what is planned?

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That is interesting please keep us up to date on your research.

I should have looked at the ODNR well locator map before I posted. I thought the land NW of the Betts well was also in a unit and drilled; it isn't. So it makes sense that they would use the same pad to drill an adjacent unit. At this point, I am only assuming this is the case.

they are drilling north east  they have three going south west

Interesting. Can you tell me how or where you got this information?

This is possibly a different approach as the original laterals were drilled in two separate stages. The first lateral was drilled & brought online & was producing quite well. When they came back to drill the next two, I expected triple the numbers that we saw from the first. It didn't happen. They didn't even quite double what the single produced originally.

Earl, do you know the target formations of these wells?

The reason I ask is all the Marcellus wells that I have seen plats for, drill to the NW and SE; I have not seen an exception to this, so it is interesting that they may be trying a new method/direction.

Thanks for sharing the info.

not yet they have not post them yet are you asking me for the new permits or the old wells

no they can only go NW and SE thats the way the shell runs


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