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Thanks.  That is very hopeful looking stuff.

So what should i look for as an indicator that there will be interest in the utica under my land?

Higher NG prices.

Lol, agreed. I meant on the maps.

Really was not joking about the importance of NG price.  With $10 gas you would be fighting off the gas companies . . . likely unsuccessfully.

But if other considerations are on your radar screen regardless, please see my reply to Sally, below.

I know. With $10 gas a whole lot of things would be different!

I imagine with the next upturn, there will be significant interest. I was just trying to use the map to compare the perceived richness of the utica in the WV panhandle to other areas and didnt know what factors played into that.
The Utica is on track to equal, possibly exceed the Marcellus.

For you folks who own land in western PA, a reading of Range's 1Q presentation and conference call may be highly informative.
Their 3rd Deep Utica well - the DMC 10H - is by far their most successful yet.
They expect it to flow on restricted choke for 500 days at 12 MMfd.
The Appalachian Basin is, indeed, the 'Saudi' of natgas.


Here's the thing about NEPA:

The maps show Utica presence all across the Northern Tier, even well into Wayne County for goodness sake.  A consensus appears to exist that as you move further and further east, the Utica shale become over mature and (therefore) unproductive.  So far there are known successful Utica wells as far east as Tioga County, and there is talk of some probing in far western Bradford County.

With gas prices so very low, there is not the forcing function which otherwise would exist more quickly and eagerly to define the line, as we move east, where Utica shale no longer offers hope.  In addition, there is so much Marcellus gas in PA that, especially with prices so hopelessly moribund, we are already awash and the Utica (in NEPA) is viewed as something for the future.  

Thanks Frank! Succinct and direct! Your explanation even enhanced my vocabulary today!


No problemo, Sally.  Good luck with your Utica.

Frank...our property sits in North central Susquehanna. Please explain the Rome Trough and its significance as it pertains to Utica ng potential. Thank you.


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