New leasing by Chesapeake in Benton Township, Laackawanna Co.

I see that Chesapeake is making a big push here in Benton township (Lackawanna Co). PA. with 61 leases registered so far in June 2010.   This is added onto well over 200 leases already in place.  There is seismic testing started on various properties here also.  Does this mean drilling may be starting soon?

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If you look closer at the actual leases, most of those recorded this month were actually inked in 2008. I wonder what that means. One person on another board stated that his was in the "new' Benton twp leases. They only recorded the first 3 pages, not all 8, and this is a fix. Also, some but not all of the ones just re-recorded are straight 5 year leases with no extentions. There are also West Abington Twp leases re-recorded. Tick tick tick! Could CHK be nearing a pipeline plan and then want to hit the ground running on these leases that will expire?
where do you find this type of leasing data? Is it public?

Start there, select the township, put in the date range, select 'gas and oil lease' hit submit. After you get the list, it provides a summary. If you want to see the actual lease signed, click on the red hyperlinks on the left. Enjoy enjoy.
Can you be more specific on their location of activity? benton is a large area....thanks.
It's not new leasing activity. They're finally recording the leases signed in 2008 as "paid up' leases.

Still though, they are doing a good deal of seismic testing throughout the Benton area and West Abington Township too. That, along with recording the leases after 2 years is making a lot of people go "Hmmmmm!" though!
citizens voice has an excellent lease tracker for wyoming, lack and luzern counties
How about Susquehanna?


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