The word on the street is a new natural gas to diesel fuel plant is being built above Dora PA. The site has gas lines in place from an old tomato factory, now cucumber greenhouse. It will be supplied by the Doverspike Brothers Gas Companies. The principle owner is said to be Robert Beatty who has several CNG filling stations in the area.

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Bud....such a plant may require a lot of natural gas, any word on who will provide the NG?   Do you know who is building the plant?   These plants generally are quite large in size.

Robert Beatty Punxsutawney PA.  Gas supplied by D.E. Limited Family Partnership Punxsutawney PA. & J.R. Resources Gas Ringgold PA. They have lines in place that used to feed a natural gas-diesel generation plant onsite. They have hundreds of shallow wells and a few deep one's. They have thousands of acres leased  in the area, to drill more. The area is known as Sunnyside above Dora PA.

It finally made the local paper yesterday. Sunnyside Energy Park. The project is being built byCH4 USA, LLC. They have received a grant for 2 million from the Commonwealth Financing Authority on July 1. The total cost of the first part of this project is $ 7,681,750. The site will be used for alternative fuel production, including CNG/LNG. It will also be providing frack water treatment, carbon sequestration and environmentally friendly business ventures. This was announced by State Rep Cris Dush (R-Jefferson/Indiana) PA.


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