Looks like we now have a good tool to identify and locate our wells..

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Very helpful Chris, Thanx


Nice find!

I wish you could click on the "wells" and get some information.



If you click on the "i" icon on the top middle and then click on a well location, it will give you a little bit of info.

Tyler,Thank you!!!

I clicked on all my favorites!!



Then, if you click on the blue permit number, it will give you some more information.

Good find Chris. Thanks a bunch!

Also note, if you use the zoom to go in really close, it will show separately  the individual wells on a pad with multiple wells.

Can you see the horizontal lines for horizontal wells? I tried to find them like odnr but no luck

This is Great, Chris !  Thank you...

anything like this for ohio?


Although this is a great step for PA it is only a first step. The ODNR site is light years ahead of this. Much easier to navigate (my opinion of course)

But I am pleased to see PA take this step; in fact I was doing some work for someone this week and the new site helped immensely.

Agree, Ohio is way ahead of PA, but Michigan is way ahead of them both.  I'd love to see some of the features from MI applied to the Appalachian states. 


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