New ‘Super Giant’ Natural Gas Field Could Be Straw That Breaks OPEC’s Back Read more:

How do you suppose this is going to affect the drilling and price of gas in Pa?


New ‘Super Giant’ Natural Gas Field Could Be Straw That Breaks OPEC’s Back
Guy Bentley
10:23 AM 08/31/2015

A new super-giant natural gas field could prove to be the largest ever discovered on earth and also end up satisfying energy demand in parts of the Middle East and the Mediterranean for decades to come.

Italian energy firm Eni made the find off the northern Egyptian coast. According to the company, there could be as much as 30 trillion cubic feet of gas in the Zohr field – equivalent to 5.5 billion barrels of oil. The field covers around 100 square kilometres and is approximately 1,450 metres below ground.

“Zohr is the largest gas discovery ever made in Egypt and in the Mediterranean Sea and could become one of the world’s largest natural-gas finds,”

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While that is a great find it isn't near the size of the Marcellus.  Article says estimates are 30 trillion but the Marcellus is estimated at 330 T or about ten times the size.

Combining this field with the field off of Israel can be a game changer for Europe and put a serious squeeze on Russia.  Here's j\hoping both fields will bring Putin to his knees.


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