Noticing a new Rose Run, Directional / Horizontal Bore Well in the early stages of development on SR 46 in Jefferson Township Ashtabula County Ohio.

Three tanks of Brine (Frac. Water) sitting on site within a gravel pad that appears to be diked (for the most part).

Good to see.

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I know you've been waiting for Ashtabula county development for a while, JO.

Although Hilcorp just drilled some of the best producing wells in Columbiana county recently, farther north does not look especially productive.

What might help you folks is the ongoing transition of Big Boy unconventional development processes/hardware ($6/$10 million per well, 10,000/20,000 foot Total Measured Depth) down to smaller operators targeting shallower, cheaper horizons.

This is taking place in Colorado, Kentucky, North Dakota and other regions.

While the output may never be as prodigious as some of the recognized  plays, a great many smaller, hungrier operators are starting to give it a shot.

If profitable, the area of prospective acreage could expand significantly into locations not currently active.

Thank you for your reply Coffeeguyzz.

Also a couple of Ashtabula County, Wayne Township, Clinton Horizontals are currently already producing.

Gas prices rising (re.: another current topic on this board) seems to me would have to help development as well.

All good to see.

Wishing us all the best of luck / good fortune.

That's Colebrook Township (not Wayne) for those Horiz. Clinton developments. Sorry about that earlier incorrect Township pin.

There are (2) two Horizontals named the 'Dumitras' wells.

At least this is some ray of for our area.

Most of us in the area have been sitting back patiently waiting for any glimmer of hope.

Appreciate your heads up on this goings on.

If you or anyone in the drilling area can keep up posted that would be great.

Thx again for the heads up.

We'll keep trying our best Bill !

US Energy out of Rural Valley, PA (Armstrong County) is drilling some of these shallow horizontal Clinton wells, appears to mainly be on farmouts from Petrox.  They have about a dozen permits approved (about half of those are drilled, some producing) in Ashtabula, Portage, and Trumbull Counties. As mentioned in the post these are not prodigious producing wells, but it has been widely known that there is a fair amount of commodity left in the Clinton formation after most of the historical wells have petered out.  We have all seen what new technology is capable of in the deeper formations, this technology is now allowing smaller operators an avenue to create and/or ramp up production in areas where it is not profitable for Gulfport, Ascent, Hilcorp, etc.

Thanks for your reply Andy Grafton.

We'll see what kind of production occurs. Have heard estimates that as much as 85% of the Clinton remains to be harvested.

Original Rose Run Wells were quite prodigious as I've read, and I'm very curious to see how the new Long Bore Horizontals perform. 

Of course there's also the Queenston and Point Pleasant formations that remain to be developed which I'm again very curious to learn how they will do in Ashtabula County.

Not enough 'take away' capacity in the north is a drawback as I've read - BUT.........that could be remedied should you ask me.

Giddyup northern tier.....Giddyup !


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