Wow, I have been saying on here for two years that the only option landowners in NY have is to secede from the state and get out from under NY City Libs.  Seems that some towns in four counties have started looking into how to proceed, what the odds of success are, and what are the ramifications of such an action.  Wonder if they heard me?

I know the odds of doing so are very slim but perhaps pursuing that will get Albany's attention and get them some much deserved respite from the loonies that run that state.  (Amazing that Pa is considered a much better state! lol shows just how bad NY is)

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Not sure this would have the right result....I have 20+ acres in Wayne County PA  and it is my understanding that NY extends it's 'influence' into this region of PA due to the fact that it part of the Delaware River Basin...true?

probably. liberalism is social cancer.

To R Garrigan

This was true pre-Wolf because Corbett was unable to override the DRBC, despite wishing to do so.  But today, under Wolf, it's different:

Wolf is totally on board with the DRBC and has no desire to override them or circumvent their takeover of your portion of PA.  Wolf actually announced this position prior to the election!!

The DRBC includes representative from PA, NY, DE, and NJ.  In the past under Corbett, the reps from NY, DE, and NJ were, in effect, shutting down drilling within the Delaware River basin, including most of Wayne County, PA.  But Wolf can be expected to name, to the DRBC, PA members who actually AGREE with members from the three other states!!!  Thus:

Rather than representing the best interests and wishes of Pennsylvanians, our new Governor is proudly responding to public opinion in the other states.

It's akin to the situation with Obama, where he places the well being of non-Americans above the welfare of American citizens.  Under Wolf, most of Wayne County, PA, is being thrown under the bus as an homage to NJ, NY, and DE.  You guys unfortunately now might as well have Andrew Cuomo as your Governor.  

Wow, the story is running on Yahoo News. The more publicity this gets the better it will help them.

I see that Cuomo offered the counties $50 million in state aid for job development.  What a pathetic joke. Just the leases at $3000/acre in just one county would bring in $200 million.  Add in all the jobs, hotels, restaurants, retail, suppliers, and royalties and that could be over a billion/co in a few years.  What kind of job program from Albany would even come close to that?

I'm not up on my watersheds like I should be.  I'm just not!

But as pointed to up thread by R Garrigan, and responded to by myself, if some of these NY counties are in the Delaware River basin, becoming part of PA would not help them in the least.

Many Pennsylvanians, including especially western Pennsylvanians, might be unaware portions of our Commonwealth are strictly off limits for NG drilling.  The entire Delaware River basin is off limits!  And let me tell you, that's a whale of a lot of PA territory!!!

Also and importantly:

No Pennsylvanian living in the Susquehanna River basin should be cocky or feel complacent regarding their vulnerability.  The SRBC has three members:  PA, NY, and MD.  Drilling is vigorously opposed in NY and in MD.  Our new governor will be appointing the PA members to the SRBC in these upcoming years.  Think about that before you assume everything will be just fine!!!


A similar situation is occurring in California. There is a move on there to split the state into (I believe I am correct) into five new states.

I believe the motivation in NY as in California is the same; get out from under the control of far left liberals.

It has been known for some time that liberals have concentrated there efforts to control major population areas (i.e. NY City). The Barak Obama campaign focused it's efforts on high population areas in key states.

This does not mean that people in the four counties of NY have no hope. There are laws that allow for the creation of new cities, counties etc. There are also laws for the separation of areas of a state and the formation of a new state. The problem these folks will face is that the new state must be accepted by the U.S. Congress.

A more practical approach would be reformation of law within the state. Or just electing good legislators.

They could do as the leftist environmentalists do - raise bunches of money and bribe state legislators to vote their way.

Although the last statement may seem cynical ( and it is) it is realistic. The far left raises tons of money in order to influence legislators.

 In order to reach their goal,the efforts of these four counties would be best spent raising money to bribe legislators.


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