I own mineral rights in Wetzel County. 30 wells have been producing for the past 18 months. I have been getting paid royalty for natural gas but have received zero royalty for oil or NGLs.

Is there a reliable method to verify if my wells have been producing NGLs and oil, and, if so, in what quantities?

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That seems to be the $64,000 question of late. The answer may surprise you. You can get those numbers by asking the drilling company. Seems silly doesn't it that the very people that are shorting us on royalties are the same people that we are supposed to trust with production numbers. Even the state seems to believe whatever these guys tell them they are producing...something smells rotten.

If they are producing OIL and or condensate.. lite oil.... they will have TANKS at the Well site...

there is BRINE.. with all Oil production.. so there will be Brine tanks also...

Has to be separated at the well site...

Go look at the well site....

Exactly Mike...30 wells and at least 30 tanks. 

Is the oil and condensate trucked out?

I always thought that the natural gas liquids were separated at the processing plant...in this case the Mobley? 

ON our wells... the gas goes straight  into a pipeline to OLD DOMINION..

OIL... is trucked out

Brine.. is trucked out...

You wont have a Brine pipeline .. .but could have a Condensate pipeline

Not sure where you are... there is a pipeline for condensate.. ie.. thin oil....

in Guernsey county going down to Marietta area...

so some wells east of I-77 can pipe straight south....

My wells are trucked out...

If your nice to your 'well tender"  he should show you the GUAGE WHEEL...

that show at what setting your output is....he is there most everyday....

Take apple pie slices.... fudge Brownies..... hot chocolate..... Chili on cold days

Your well tender would have no reason not to show you whats going on....

unless someone has pissed him off.....

MOST WELLS ARE RUNNING WIDE OPEN... mine are....why would a Oil company

Not 'sell" their oil...

sometimes in the first couple months of production depending on several factors a well

may be held back.. but otherwise....ALL WIDE OPEN....  $$

My wells have been WIDE OPEN FROM DAY ONE   !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you Mike!

Go to the below Range Resources Wet Gas Maps. If you live in the Wet Gas Area, contact the last lawyer on the last page of the attached complaint. He will write a Class Action Complaint to help all WV landowners in your situation.recover their stolen royalties.

You won' find a better written Complaint, take a close look.

Range Resources 10/28/15 Wet Gas Maps

Range Resources provided 3 maps in the below presentation available to the public on line, that will tell you if you should have NGLs on your Range Resources Royalty Statements.

Slides 50 through 52 show the Shale Play in the title, such as the Marcellus, so you can see if your well should be producing NGLs.

Hopefully, like other producers, Range isn’t trying to keep their wet gas production a secret. If so…Busted!




Ron, if I understand the class action filing correctly, it is for Chesapeake clients in Ohio only. Is that correct?

My wells are in Wetzel County, West Virginia, which does show on the Range Resources map as being in the Wet Gas corridor.


     The Ohio Class Action suit was included as an example of what your WV Class Action Suit will look like based on the types of theft you are experiencing. More importantly It provides you with the Author's contact information.

A landowner in WV will have to take action on behalf of similarly leased landowners by filing a Class Action suit. The states are still standing by watching the landowners being short changed taking no action. Only PA has shown a move in the past month to step in and correct Chesapeake's behavior. 

Thanks Ron!  I printed off the lawsuit...it is an excellent example to follow. Everything in it seems to be the same as what is happening in West Virginia.

The minerals owners are losing royalty income and the State is losing Severance tax. It is odd that the State would not be interested in collecting what is rightfully theirs.

You might be getting paid per BTU instead of per product - check your stub and see if it lists BTU value or BTU uplift

Only states: GAS $1.38

Nothing mentioned about BTU

There is BTU listed somewhere - check next to the column listing MCF/BBL, the number should be over 1,000 and under 2,000


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