I was wondering if Marsallus drilling operations can be limited to daylight hours? Most surface owners and neighbors are concerned with noise pollution and air pollution (VOCs) generated by drilling operations. Can lease clauses include payment for loss of enjoyment etc. for noise and air pollution? How will local noise ordinances affect drilling operations? Just a thought.

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You can ask for it to be limited, but when they bring the rigs there they want to utilize them as quickly as they can so they can move to the next spot. From what I have experienced the industry sems to like to work more at night, at least for certain operations. Again loss of enjoyment is a big consideration but you would have to prove it to collect anything and then the loss would have to be quantified, which would be new grounds for this industry in PA, as far as I am aware. Most places do not have local ordinances. If the local townships have zoning they might have noise levels established, but once again regulations and ordinances are of no use it if there is no one to enforce them. Noise pollution and air pollution are big conerns of mine. I believe that the industry should be required to do baseline testing of the pads and gas industry sites such as compresssor stations to be able to demonstrate that they have or have not contributed to the pollution in measurable amounts.
I imagine that if a landowner brought a suit with injunctive relief (shutting down drilling) until settled, that might start to wake up the industry. Qualifying loss of sleep etc is not to difficult. Placing a number on it would be. Same with measuring VOCs to document possible long term exposure health-related litigation. Akin to asbestosis...document now in case of late onset health issues related to VOCs exposure


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