Why can't people learn from the past?

We really don't need any dummies like this driller setting back shale drilling progression. Have we learned nothing?

Invite the reporter to watch, explain the process, answer his questions. It's extremely foolish to create more mystery and intrigue than what is necessary.

Stupidity gets us no where.


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perhaps he won't, there aren't bountiful amounts of drillers in NC, but maybe i'll be $10 richer who knows

I'm sure he'll be put on notice, learn from it and move on while the reporter will be applauded for a job well done by his colleagues.

If they are all liberals and you consider his colleagues all in the same mind set, yes you are correct.

I believe the driller handled himself as well as could be expected. It's a small construction site. The so called journalist was deliberately trying to set up the driller for his own gain of sensationalism. That "reporter" had no right to be there what so ever. The drilling Co was awarded a contract to do a job. In that contract is set the boundaries of the land the contractor is in charge of. Look... drive down the road to where there is a bridge being replaced. You can't walk in there saying this is a  state road and I'm entitled to be here.

. When you sign a lease to drill on your property the property owner is not even allowed on the site. They usually give the land owner some latitude. Some sight seeing and education under close supervision as a courtesy.   Reporters are not entitled to any access or such courtesies. That driller had a contract to do a job and a given set of boundaries his company and insurance company is responsible for. No one except parties listed in the contract have any right to be there.

My man!!!! You are 100% correct!


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