Has anyone done business with Northeastern Resources? I talked with a rep yesterday and they seemed interested in buying a portion of my 20% royalties here in wills township. I am willing to sell 25% and they offered me an estimated 50K for that and said it would be a partnership and they would negotiate future lease agreements and get the best possible lease bonus and % of interests. My lease with A.E.P. expires in about 2 years and I have yet to be in a unit. There are rumors about a well going in near me but have not heard anything from anyone.....   

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Thanks everyone for your insight and advice. They don't want the mineral rights just the royalty interest from the gas and oil. At least that's what the guy told me. I will look into this further and have an attorney look at this agreement before I sign anything..... 

Get a good lawyer before someone here goes to jail for practicing law.


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