What seems to be the problem with Northeast Bradford County specifically Orwell Township...it seems as though the gas companies are shying away from this area...is there a problem with the geology if so what is the problem?  My lease expired 2 years ago and I have not had any intrest from anyone...

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      I'm no expert, but have seen some mention of a possible fault line in the Rome/Orwell area. I'm in the SW part of the county, think it may be an extension of an indicated fault that starts along the Leroy/Granville border and appears to run WNW. Several wells drilled near the course of the fault came in at very low production and had rapid and large drop offs in volume. Also notice that there are a few wells ID'd as abandoned or plugged in your area (in Wayne Miller's unit map postings) which may be related.

John, i can understand your frustration with the wait, but in time that land will prove to be very valuable. Southwest is drilling a lot of wells in the area where Orwell,Pike, Herrick and Wysox townships meet.   My family has property in all four townships and we are experiencing different levels of success with our development experience.  Talisman also has drilled some fairly successful wells in that immediate area 4-6 mmcf/ day, but they have a bulk of the land under lease in that area and aren't about to commit financial resources to additional leasehold right now in a low natural gas environment.  The issues that might be affecting you are lack of takeaway capacity(no pipelines, or the ones there are full) lack of existing compression, low gas environment. If you would like some help putting together a plan to lease or just getting some friendly advice and some more information feel free to email me your Phone # @ clousejb2000@yahoo.com and I will make sure to contact you.    Justin  

TLM a primary NE operator is down to 1-2 rigs, working to hold leases they already own. In general their operating area does not seem to be as prolific as deep core. Higher output areas may get attention until gas is back to 4.50-5.50 - my guess.

Chesapeake is on the ropes, if gas doesn't recover soon, some think they will go belly-up. That is speculation, but they sure are less agressive even in high output areas,. I hear of 1000 max bonus, 15% r offers for the few remaining unleased tracts.

We have no maps or precise data but there are some faults in Bradford which reduce interest. We have heard of one in Troy and another near the twp line, lower Asylum/Terry. 

You might check with neighbors and 20 map EXISTING units vs your location and see if there is a pattern. 

PSU's Tom Murphy spoke a few wks back and said referring to our current phase"all addresses are not the same" , meaning there is little blind leasing anything, ala 2008/2009 period.

Good luck, Orwell should work out.

Is it possible that the close proximity to NY has effected the activity in Northern Bradford Co. Also, is there a transmission line near that area?  

our property is located south of route 467 it goes along the backside of the Northeast Bradford elementary school and on the top of the hill it intersects with the christmas tree farm...I understood that there were problems north of 467 but the south side was fine...we are close to the Stage Coach pipeline

I'm in the pike & steventownship area and seems that SouthWest is still drilling away.....Cheifs is at a stand still as from what I've seen.  I drive by LeRayville area to N.Y. state line going thru the Tailsman area.......over the past year as stated above they just seem to jump from pad to pad drilling one well and moving.......the last month the pipeline digging has come ALIVE in that area so thing are looking  to get moving again would be my best guess !!!!

I received some disappointing news from an inside source...seems as though the area I am in has low reserves as well as geological problems so I would guess that for the near future our area will see no action

Dear John- Sorry to hear, doesn’t sound good. Early in this game the theme was “it is a continuous formation”, characteristics change but slowly in the dominant W to E NE trend. As time and data flow in, the regional and even micro variation have proved more prevalent than thought previously.


            On the NY PA border above you, it was well known depth to the Onondaga is around 4 – 4.5k, and with lower pressure implications, more questionable. When Talisman rose and bid big for the Friendsville Group, blowing the tops off, $5750/A, the assumption was they badly wanted higher grade rock than their Troy centered development which is good but not great. We assumed Talisman “knew”. Per my previous quote, it is easy to map existing producing wells. (do you need the links?)


It looks like Pike/Orwell have OK wells, but not great and less than hoped for. South 2 and 3 twps, the Lower Marcellus is thicker and deeper. Only a fault should ruin odds for properties within ? 3-6 miles of successful wells- an approximate guess.


If your source is on, outlook seems poor but it might be slight odds, Orwell in general is B or B- grade and doesn't work with a 2.50 to 4.50 expected NG range? Might be different in 5 years? Best hopes for you and your area.  

It would be interesting to know how detailed the lines have been drawn.

A harmful aspect, early this was hard to believe  then with all the landman lies, the culture grew to assume everything the gascos said was a lie. Every acre of Marcellus does not have gas. So many have spent so much energy on this, it doesn't always work out.

There are chances that some companies are drilling into different formations above the Onandaga horizon. Cabot for one has drilled into three in Susquehanna Co. and are producing from all three, just a thought but TLM might try that, it still holds leases, but with low gas it's anyones guess. As well results come in cos. are finding better results than originaly expected in some areas, others aren't as good, the drillbit tells the tale and the "fairway" is becoming more pronounced.

Melissa, you come through with some good info. Have no Idea how but keep it up.

What do you know about eastern Litchfield western Windham? Litchfield is mostly CHK territory even though they may be in some trouble, there are many wells and infrastructure in the area. I am with  CHK and would like to know your assessment of my area.


Stan G.- not familiar wit that area.

Suggestion go to deppa. marcellus production, and you can download

Bradford then filter by township and use goodle maps, paste the corrdinates in

an start "seeing" trends - heey anyone can be a prospexcting enginer. 

Doug articulates it all so well, precise. The CORE is getting defined, 

generally a W SW line going E NE from NW Lycoming through upper Sullivan into SW Susquehanna.

North of that line culd be called good, but not excellent like Se Bradford.

Everyone with commercially viable gas should be thrilled. Good wells still beat much of the rest of the US.

Doug may hear differently, we hear the upper marcellus is procucing some gas and the Purcell Limestone, though geologists we speak with say the limestone is so low in prrosity, it will paly out in no time.

Good luck to all.

Melissa - great updates.  It can be a slow plodding pace with development.  I am in PIKE township just north of  LeRaysville, between two units -SMOLKO which was drilled two years ago, just fracked and remains waiting for a pipeline and Lombardo which has had only permits and unit declaration for last year without any visible progress on the ground.  The initial optimism over the vast riches has morphed into a reality of delays, little news and little in the way of leaseholder communications from the Gas company (Talisman)

I certainly have become better educated regarding the fickle nature of the event which is "Marcellus Shale" which includes the shrill and hysteric anti-fracking movement as well as hearing about those that are a couple steps ahead of me in realizing the fruits of the effort.  Again Thanks!



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