Where r the reports? Are we not entitled to the data? What r we hiding and who r we protecting by keeping this data from going public? One time a year reporting is BS and the Ohio taxpayers and voters should be up in arms of the lack of disclosure, it is state statute. Who is controlling the release of these numbers?

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"all they have to do is blot out the private info and release the data"

Wow.  You have no concept of how much work needs to be done, do you?  Maybe for the next few days just try to contain your impatience and do what the rest of us are doing, which is waiting.

Thanks Jodi. That's the one I was waiting for.


Last years report was published here ...


The investors sure didn't like those statements. Chks stock is really off today.

CHK can still raise cash.  Their value of the Eagleford was dinged pretty good when Hess sold their Eagleford assets to Shanchez at a basement bargain price the other day.  That might be more a reason for their current stock price?

I spoke with the ODNR this morning to ask the same question. They provided the following information. The production information had to be postmarked by 3/31. They are entering the data as we speak. The reports will first be released on a well-by-well basis, and then the spreadsheet will be created.

I was willing to lobby for ODNR having production reports every six months, but read this article and see what the Feds want.   Why settle for yearly or maybe six months when the Feds want monthly.  ODNR its time to come to the 21st century.


Jeez, that agency was created in 1977.

Yes, Kathleen, it was 1977 and Jimmy Carter was president and there was an energy crisis, the Middle East had OPEC, the stragetic (sp) oil reserve was formed  etc. etc.    IMHO oil and its major companies are a driving force in the geopolitics of the world.  At least 20 or more countries have oil reserves.    Oil equals politics.

Since I am a researcher and not a historian here is a wikipedia link about the 1970s energy crisis:


my above post means that at least 20 countries have stragetic oil reserves held for national emergencies.


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