Hello. Does anyone know the going rate per
Acre in Ohio county WV? I have confirmed $5500 is doable but would like to know the cap. Thanks for your time.

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I assume your referring to leasing not selling. We have 80 acres located on the wetzel tyler county boarder. The appx. Btu between 1250 to 1275 in the marcellus and dry utica. We just signed for 5k acre bonus after our first lease expired. We were happy with that because we also signed with the company we wanted. They are active in this area. I know what it is like to lease and not drill. We justed ended a 5 plus 3 year extension lease. I hope this helps.

Yes to lease sorry should of mentioned that.   It looks like the city of wheeling was able to get $6000 per acre and a 18.5% royalty for over 300 acres.   Appreciate the quick reply 

I would suggest you worry more about the terms of the contract than the bonus.  I prefer a lesser bonus payment with NO Deductions and other favorable clauses.

I understand.    We have negotiated 18% royalty with no deductions and our oil gas lawyer has double checked the fine print 

just curious about bonus amount per acre.  Thanks 

I used to think that way but almost all my gas lease income has been from bonuses, next to nothing from royalties over 8 years. The bonuses have been significant.


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