Continuing with the weekly permits I will post them under this discussions as individual replies to make it easy to compare from week to week if one wants to.     Utica Shale come back anytime.  Everyone feel free to comment.

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Permits for week ending 11/1/14


No rigs drilling;   no new permits


46 rigs drilling;    17 new permits;    in seven counties;    to six companies

Belmont     1

Carroll       1

Columbiana    3

Guernsey       4

Harrison      6

Jefferson     1

Tuscarawas  1

Permits for week ending 11/8/14

Marcellus    no new permits;  no rigs drilling


And this is big news as I remember GMS discussing when would Ohio be over 50 rigs.  Well this is the week    as 51 rigs are listed as drilling!!!!

38 permits   in 5 counties to  seven companies

Belmont   13

Carroll      14

Guernsey   4

Harrison     1

Monroe       6

Permits ending week of 11/15/14.


No new permits; no rigs drilling.


22 new permits; in six counties, issued to six companies;    with 53 rigs drilling

 Belmont   3

Columbia  6

Harrison    2

Monroe     7

Noble        3

Tuscarawas  1

Permits for week ending 11/22/14


no new permits;  no rigs drilling


52 rigs drilling; 8 new permits, in 3 counties, to 2 companies

Guernsey   3

Harrison     4

Monroe      1

Permits ending week of 12/6/14

Marcellus:   no new permits,  no rigs drilling


21 permits, in four counties, to four companies---Rice, American Energy Utica, Gulfport, Triad Hunter

Belmont    4

Guernsey  7

Harrison    8

Noble        2

Apologies for being a week late posting this.

Permits ending 12/13/14

Marcellus;   no rigs drilling;  no new permits.


15 permits; in four counties; to four companies:  Rice, Hilcorp, Gulfport, Eclipse

Belmont   8

Columbia  2

Harrison    3

Monroe      2


Where is Columbia county?

supposed to be Columbiana.....2 permits for Hilcorp (Nolker)


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