$$ numbers are based on $2 gas and $50 oil

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Thanks, Booger.  Your taking the time to do the sort and filter and send it to all of us is very much appreciated!

Ditto! Thank you so much! would it be hard to sort by county? It would be interesting to see how the Londonderry wells stack up to the Shugart daddy wells in Wills twp.

yes you can filter by township..........or any of the other headers. just click on the arrow next to the header and check only the townships that you want to see.

if you want to sort, just right click on the column of choice and you can sort.......example, right click on any number in the oil/day column and choose "sort" on the dropdown "largest to smallest" and it will sort the entire spreadsheet with the wells having the most daily oil production at the top.............you can do the same with the sort filter button on the menu bar, just make sure you start with the column of choice.

When Ohio publishes these they list oil, gas, and brine. Anyone know how NGL are figured in?

Have seen royalty statements for wells that the state list as producing a lot of oil.  The statement lists no oil even though they have a code on the form for oil.  The list plant product sold by the gallon and condensate sold by the barrel.  Does Ohio consider these as oil?  What are plant products?

the condensate is considered oil for reporting purposes.......not sure what plant products is.

jnm -they are figured in as gas....in cubic feet.......

no idea how they convert a gallon of liquid to cubic feet of gas.......but that's all the state requires so that's all the gascos give them.


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