When our forefathers drew the lines creating the states, how was it possible they knew that all of the oil/gas would be west of the PA/Ohio border?

This is obviously in jest, but I'm still confused as to how all of the noise coming from the the drilling is out of Ohio?  Was Pennsylvania mostly hype?  I just find it hard to believe that oil production is non-existent in PA yet it they are digging holes/exploring left and right 20 miles to the west. 

Will Pennsylvania benefit from this? If so, when do you project us to see any development?  And how do you expect it to compare to that of Ohio?

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PA was drilled already, am I missing what you're putting down? Bradford county looks like swiss cheese 5k feet down.

Unless you specially mean OIL and not Gas, in that case the rock is overmature in some of PA, the eastern part of Ohio is Dry Gas.

The Ohio Utica Point Pleasant 'Oil Window' has been indicated on various references that I've seen as containing both 'Black Oil' and 'Volatile Oil' in areas and also both ' Wet Gas' and 'Dry Gas'.

My point is that Pennsylvania doesn't seem to be capitalizing on any of this drilling/production (at least judging by the activity on this sites message board).

The subject line of the most recent message boards indicate as much. Reference is made to Utica, Monroe County, Youngstown, Point Pleasant, Center Township, Morgan County, etc..  Unless I missed it, I haven't seen any announcements of any new plants in Pennsylvania (aside from the Shell plant which is still up in the air).  An article in the Y'Town Vindicator indicates that there are 10 projects in in the works in Columbiana, Mahoning and Trumball County.  These counties all border Pennsylvania!  How the heck is that that Pennsylvania cannot be attracting any oil/gas companies?  Are the politicians in Pennsylvania so oblivious that they haven't thought of trying to attract any business to the state?  What is it with that invisible line that separates the two states? 

You mentioned that Bradford County has been drilled out.  How come Bradford County and the nearby counties didn't have the great development that eastern Ohio seems to have?  There are 30 (!) projects in the state of Ohio right now.....has Bradford and the surrounding counties benefitted from the oil to the same extent that Ohio seems to be? 


Erie county, Pennsylvania has been late to the party because the Marcellus area of Pa. has been the core play.  That area also has Utica and they can use existing pads and infrastructure.  The first Utica test well was drilled last spring in Greenfield Township just

3.5 or so miles from our land.  The driller and owner got into some sort of dispute so that well has not been flow tested or fracked.  The word is that the well will be productive according to the testing Weatherford.  The owner and the driller are both "oil" people and are looking past the Utica to the Point Pleasent/Trenton/TBR areas as their target.  They got some good gas shows (900+) in some of the upper areas.  To me the most significant

thing is what they "do" not what they say and the driller has joined with a company that has leased an additional 2,000 acres for future exploration.  In the meantime, EmKey Energy has purchased 20+ properties in the Wattsburg area, including our 270 acre lease, and just prior to that purchased $34million dollars of gas distribution lines from Norse Energy and affiliates of EmKey just finished a $10million dollar natural gas separation plant in Union City, Pa.   Empire Energy US owns 100's of shallow Medina wells and the potential of Upper Devonian plays may be in the works.  The Utica seems to be in the 180' range in that area with areas of clay and some believe the fracking is challenging but other companies with experience in the Utica believe they have the "code".  We may be late to the party but as technology improves and the decline rates in the Marcellus areas increase and the infrastructure increases in Erie County, our time will come.  In the meantime the port of Erie is expanding its capabilities to allow the gas industry to ship materials and natural gas over the water to the large East Coast markets and oversease as the demand in Europe because of the Russian situation will open exports.  The day will come when Ohio and Pennsylvania will come together with distribution lines and waterway shipping bring economic boom and more jobs to the entire

area.  The future is Natural gas........but it is a game of patience!

Dry gas does not need processing like wet gas. Wet gas needs cryogenic plant to separate dry gas. Wet gas then goes to fractionation plant for more processing. Ethane cracker needed to make ethylene for plastics industry. Any oil must me trucked to refinery for processing. Pa has mostly dry gas which needs very little processing to go to market. Wet gas/oil in Ohio needs all this processing before it can go to market. The plants are going where they are needed right now.

Sounds like a variation of a question I've already asked. I think the question is referring to oil since gas would appear to be abundant (more or less) in PA. Oil has been taken out of the ground in PA in the past, but I guess that doesn't mean that it could be found in the shale. Or maybe it is there and they just haven't come up with a cost-effective way to get it out of the shale.

thank the Lord it's in ohio.  we have Pittsburgh and philly,which are about to elect democrats to run pa. you'll see the dust cloud headed your way of the herd of oil and gas drillers  leaving Pennsylvania. the democrat state committee of Pennsylvania has the stated goal of ending fracking in pa.you'll see the shell cracker move there too if the nitwits take over here.

Pittsburgh and philly carry a lot of weight in the election's of pa.  they are both failed democrat run cities. Pittsburgh is still in receivership by the state government. they have outlawed drilling in the city limits, as they sit on a pot of black gold of upper Devonian.  philly is just a complete disaster of crime and pork. Corbett has taken positions that have hurt him ,the gas tax being one. his handling of the Sandusky mess at penn state  when he was state a.g. leaves much to be desired. but that is no reason to elect democrats. look what they have done nationally. and i see nothing from our senator casey supporting the investigation of the irs and fast and furious exec privilege. dems walk in lockstep of corruption ,and half the repubs are with them.  I also heard one of the reason's Crawford county is being ignored is because it has most of the wet lands in pa. and most of the regulations. too expensive. like I and others have posted, the state democrat committee wants fracking ended in pa. look at new York. my thoughts on the shell waiting are really only common sense. why come here when you can go to ohio without the likes of Pittsburgh democrats able to get at you?

It's just business. PA is mostly dry gas from what I have heard and the price is low right now. Until we find a good way to get this to Europe to save them from the screwing they are taking from Russia and to kick Putin back down a couple pegs they will not b epulling it out of the ground to sell it cheap. Wet gas and oil are more valuable right now. And honestly do you want your gas price to be sky high. Gas powered electric plants may be coming into play if that is profitable. Don't know much about that yet. Two plants in Ohio in progress and one being planned in Lordstown but several years out. Any in PA. Thought I heard about plans in Beaver?

No, I don't want sky high fuel prices for any U. S. Citizen.

I want low fuel prices for all U. S. Citizens.

I don't believe in gouging our citizenry for fuel.

Gouge the rest of the world for their fuel.

We have it, they don't, let them pay the high price for our production if they want it.

Isn't that the OPEC philosophy ?

It seems to have worked for them for a few decades now hasn't it ?

That's my humble opinion on that subject.

part of the problem in western pa is chk is the only player.  they are very tight lipped about reporting results.  i listened to the entire conference call and there were many questions about what the Utica wells in western pa were producing.  chk big shots were completely mum.  all they would say is they like what they are seeing in this area.  time will tell for western pa.  jury is still out.  lots of wells coming on line in this area in the next year!


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