Hello.  Does anyone know the average price a lawyer should charge to negotiate a lease?   Is there a stand range for a flat fee or a percentage of a bonus ?  Thanks for your time.

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In my recent persuit to become crystal clear with absolute certainty of the terms in my existing lease, I hired a eastern OH.Attorney.  

He charged me $300/HR to review and summarize my mineral lease.  I had a referral from others in the area, recommending this lawyer, who only represents land/mineral owners, not big oil.  I feel that I recieved sound legal advise and a good value or return on my investment.  We reviewed my 5pg lease and 6 pgs of addendums.  The most valuable Information I gained from our meeting is the fact that my lease DOES NOT allow for post production costs.   I have been under the impression for 6 yrs that the language in my lease could effect my future royalties bythousands of dollars in deductions from PPC's.    These leases and many other legal documents, by design, are intended to have double meanings and amenable to another interpretation.  In my case, this lack of language transparency to the untrained eye, ended up being to my advantage.  I am writing this to point out that you may not be able to truly decider your lease language.  I bet many times mineral owners find out what they thought was a "good landowner friendly lease" may turn out to be not so good.  If you have any doubts and/or want to understand every sentence in your lease, examine your legal documents with a competent attorney.

here in our area of NC Pa. we use a very well known o&g attorney who has neg. hundreds of leases @ five dollars per acre and 300 dollar minimum. negotiations, follow-ups, etc. could not be more satisfied.


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