If you have land and had your choice were it was for the best stacked play area...were would it be.

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Jeffrey. We just signed our 2nd lease this january. 5k bonus and 18%. Probably could have done better on royality. We originally signed over 8 years ago for $1500 and 12.5. They had a 5 and choose the option to extend another 3 years. It expired in january..glad for that.

We also just signed another pipe easement. We had a pipe run 2560ft for 35 a foot 5 years ago. We recently signed again for up to 4 more pipes. Each of those are over 2500ft. We signed for 2 and they have a option to sign for 2 more. Plus they are also running a m temporary water line.

the utica in NE and North Central PA is relatively new. Shell was leading the push and JKLM is heavy into it. The formation is a different beast up there, and it will take a bit for them to truly crack the code with formulating the right landing zone(s), completion techniques, etc....give it some time, but it appears that there is significant gas in place. The NE PA issue is that sometimes, too good is also too much - so much gas and still limited ability to move it away from the reason, thanks mostly to New York's restrictions on pipelines.

NEWSFLASH   the code has been cracked...

Cracked in the northern Utica? I would be cautious as there are only around 22 wells in the NE/Central PA Utica play.

That's pretty sparse as far as wells and data go.

I would think that it will be more than a year as there needs to be many more times the number of existing wells drilled across this portion of the play before one can say that there's enough data to fully understand the components of the play. Even the SE Marcellus & OH Utica play is evolving, and we are thousands of wells and many years beyond where the Northern Utica play is today. The Mid-Con has thousands of vertical wells from which operators can pull data, and that play has evolved tremendously in the last 3 years and operators are still tweaking spacing, prop loads, and completion designs.

But everything is relative, to some that might be the definition of 'cracked', and to others, maybe not. to each their own

i get your point relative to gross numbers of wells increasing the data set. most folks don,t realize the advancement technology plays in raising ultimate recoverys. the completion designs are pretty well figured out. the next frontier starting to be used will be real time mapping of the completion allowing on the fly variation of stages, sand load, pressures etc. in the goal of attaining the  most efficient results possible raising production. i follow this play in detail and i am very confident. Shell  is expanding 150mil., Seneca, JKLM are both drilling and Haliburton is completing Eclipse first well as we speak. that one will be worth watching as rumors swirl.

I would like to thank everyone for their opinions.

Just curious whether anyone here has any knowledge of the Trenton Blackriver formation

the TBR is a limestone feature deeper than the Utica shale. TBR has been and continues to be conventional produced in NY as it is considered a pocket gas formation such as the sandstones. being somewhat a "hit or miss" with steep decline curves, interest in unconventional attempts i here by Shell may be interesting. by drilling TBR horizontally hopefully hitting multiple pockets, perhaps even doglegging to hit the most possible versus fracking such as in shale will be interesting to watch. i hear and know where Shell may be making plans. keep in mind the history of NG production has always been the most and easiest current technology allows for.  core high production Marcellus and or Utica will  be generally the first priority as of today. things can always change. 


I had a conversation awhile back with PA state geologist (before Marcellus became a play) and he raved about it's potential going on and on using technical terms that after 5 mins went way over my head and my eyes started to glaze over. I own minerals in southern Clearfield county and supposed the TBR fairway runs right thru it

is Alta working down that far? they bought Anadarko/Mitsui which i believe extended into clearfield co.

Were are the best area for trenton blackriver

generally under the Mar/Ut play but not much Pa. exploration to know. in NY it has been very prolific around Corning and Caton areas. also not as deep in NY.  like a ramp the Marcellus comes up to surface in NY. i'm not to keen on TBR becoming the next big thing anytime soon. specific areas determine whether it's Mar or Ut. right here for now in our yard it's all Utica and nothing else.


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