If you have land and had your choice were it was for the best stacked play area...were would it be.

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I think I read somewhere that it was in the 12-15K deep are much shallower in NY and WV. I also remember a TBR well being drilled somewhere in vicinity of Elkins WV few yrs back that was a monster, could be mistaken but somehow that just sticks in my mind

We missed out on a TBR well drilled in NYS about 15 years ago. The location was North of the Elmira-Corning airport.....they drilled to the North from our land...we missed inclusion by less than a quarter mile....sigh. A friend of mine had one drilled on his property a few years prior to that, to the ENE of our property. Let's just say, he was smart and banked it all, as these wells have a LARGE IP with a relatively swift decline curve.

He has since retired, about 10 years early.

To my knowledge, the area that was developed ran from 40-50 miles south of the NY/PA border in NW PA to a point about 40-50 miles north of the NY/PA border, and seemed to have stopped there, near the Spencer-Van Etten area.....but I could be wrong about that. 

Bull. the TBR,s are like balloons. POW and they're gone. lots of horizontals but i'm not aware of any hydro-fracturing so if Swepi does do the tester i hear of it will be interesting. double layer limestone with swiss cheese pockets really is a different animal than shale.


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