September 18, 2013


“Legislators will soon be considering a bill that would place an “open-ended” ban on natural gas drilling in Pennsylvania.” 


Senator Jim Ferlo (D-Allegheny) has introduced a bill that would place a moratorium on gas drilling in Pennsylvania.

Senator Jim Ferlo (D-Allegheny) has introduced a bill that would place a moratorium on gas drilling in Pennsylvania.

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I imagine it is a pebble being tossed into the pond to see what kind of ripples it creates.No feedback from voters will equal more bills being introduced until they get one passed cause they will have no fears of losing their jobs.

You must be a damned liberal democrat to post such nonsense. Oklahoma and Texas have severance taxes but they do not have many of the other taxes which are imposed on Pennsylvania residents! Pennsylvanian are taxed enough as it is!

First of all, this Bill has nothing to do with environmental issues as Mr. Ferlo would have you think.  I do not live in his district but I do work in his district and know and talk to many "locals" there.  The Allegheny County Dems are still pissed off about the county making a deal to lease the Greater Pitts Airport for oils & gas.  They didn't think they got enough of the pie.  (after all, one only has to look at Mr. ferlo's belly to see what a voracious eater he is).  Anyway, he has everyone scared stiff because the city of Pitts. is considering leasing the O & G under the city and he has everyone convinced their houses will all blow up from gas leaks.


You might say, "no way. how could you even think that?"  But I tell you, you should hear the talk.  He has people in his distrct scared stiff.  I just talked to someone two days ago about this subject and Ferlo's name came up. Ferlo said...blah blah blah.  After I told them that the marcellus was over 7000 feet deep they said "oh, I didn't know that"

He won't get voted out because his district is deep rooted Dems.  But with trillions of dollars on the table and huge oil & gas facilities poised to be built let's hope this thing goes nowhere.  Ferlo is just pissed because he doesn't get any of the contribution money from the o&g guys.


These things are always about money.


"he has everyone convinced their houses will all blow up from gas leaks."

Im sure once enough tax dollars are properly placed their homes will become insulated from any hazards.

Money the miracle cure!!

ALL these urban democrats know is how to send the bag man to the public and shake every one down....people in these districts are so stupid and will elect these urban-crats year after year..they have elected jobs for life---check chicago---cleveland ---they make the mafia look like alterboys,,, yet the urban people vote them in because their grandfather and their father voted straight urbancrat.   IF YOU ARE YOUNG --LAZY AND DON'T WANT TO WORK MOVE TO A LARGE RUST BELT CITY AND JOIN THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY...go to all the party meetings.. you will be given a job as bag man and for a year your job will be visiting gambling joints and locations that need party favors. most have to pay $1000.00 and up per month.You will have about 50 stops per week.  If you do well you will be given a helping hand to get a party job or run for a smaller elected job.  IN LORAIN COUNTY OHIO A RETIRED COUNTY RECORDER JUST RECIEVED $18073.00 FOR 4 HOURS WORK ON A SATURDAY MORNING.. THIS IS HOW DEMOCRATS TAKE CARE OF DEMOCRATS.....MOST ARE CARPETBAGGERS WHO MOVE INTO AN URBAN AREA TO GET THAT LIFETIME POSITION WITH THE PARTY....THIS SENATOR IN PITTSBURGH WILL BE SENDING THE BAGMAN TO ALL THE OIL COMPANIES BUT HE WILL WANT MILLIONS...NOT THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS

The photograph of this fellow is absolutely priceless.  It is classic.  This chap fits to a "T" the stereotypical image of a corrupt urban political boss.

I ask this question in all seriousness:  Does Senator Ferlo come with a reputation for Mafia ties?  'Cause I'm pretty sure he wants to put the squeeze on rural folks like me. 


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