I have been hearing that Paloma is getting in the play more actively does anyone know anything about them?

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Here is their web site.....I think it maybe the one you are asking about.

Gary - wrong Paloma - there ARE two of them in Texas.    


The Paloma contract isn't even comprehensive enough to cover their own surface and subsurface damages.

At the end of number 47. quote: "in no event, however, will Lessee's obligations to pay damages under this provision exceed $3000 per acre, unless otherwise specifically provided for herein" .. end quote!

Apparently........you'd better "Specify.. Specifically".. so you can umm.. "Provide" your property with total coverage.. or they'll appease you with a mere $3000 per acre for damages! duhh! Horrible Contract!

The 1st thing they need to do is accept the fact they need to be Fully Responsible for the mess they make!

If a big wealthy company can't even do that?.. it's like a child whose mother has to clean up after them!

Now... run along and play.. mommy "the landowner" will clean up the mess you made!

Pathetic and Irresponsible in my opinion!

Nightmare.  That's really funny.  Bush league to the max.  No landowner would be foolish enough to sign anything like that . . . . I hope.

Paloma has every intention to sell their acreage. It is the only logical explanation.

Good - let them flip it to Gulfport and get drilling.    


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