I looked in the sky and it is orange. Oh yes I have seen this before only its a lot bigger, what I drove down the road to see was the utica well being flared off on the patterson well. It had to be four or five times the size of the marcellus well flare which was in of itself a pretty good one. This well has a marcellus and a utica on it as a"test well". Looks like they passed the test. It is amazing and really hot from afar. It was raining and so as the flame was taller than the flare pipe, the groud was steaming all arond.

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Mike - that Cudd semi is a 6700 gallon high pressure nitrogen tanker truck.
I'm not sure what and why it's used. I googled Cudd Energy and read up.
That steam could just be the nitrogen being released into the atmosphere much like dry ice.

Some pic from Sunday hope you can give me opion thanks


Stoped over today and few more pics. The well went inline about 4 weeks ago.



Are all 4 patterson wells now producing and turned in line?

Is there a declared unit and does anyone know how many acres and who is in it?

Glen: Looks like 2 are inline and I bet these are the Marcellus so they can report dry gas, in the 3rd pic there is a bis gray box that the gas goes through and there is steam venting and the other pipe is venting some other gas or ? what is this gray box?


A few more pic. some didnt upload in pic #40 can someone tell us what the different tanks and boxes do? Thanks


I don't think these wells are online.  I'm pretty sure there has been no pipeline run to this site yet.

My bad.  I was thinking of the Mayberry site.  It doesn't have a pipeline run to it yet.

The Patterson compressor station was completed right next to the well site.  That site is all hooked up.

Has anyone noticed that Lawrence County PA is finally an entity in the DEP Production Reports?

Shell's Patterson wells (2) reported a combined 42 day production of 366,943.17 mcf !!!

=8,736.74 mcf/day (that's just shy of 8.75 MILLION cubic feet per DAY!)  Not too shabby.


IF unit size=1280 acres (does anyone know this....please share this info)

Then this = $20.48/acre/day

@15% royalty=$3.07/acre/day

=($3.07x365)/12=$93.43/acre/month Royalties

Meanwhile there are two other wells on this pad that are not inline yet. I wonder if they are too wet and waiting to be fed to the Shell Cracker Plant someday.........?

The Shell cracker plant is at least five yrs away from being online.  More likely they are waiting for the fractionalization (sp?) facility that CHK is putting in just over the Ohio border. Once that is up and running they can separate all the fractions from the raw gas.

Either way good to see wells online and royalties being paid out.  Is the Whiting well is online also? I think but not sure.


Whiting 3H @ 26,269 mcf AND 32bbl OIL in14 days.

Whiting 4H @ 35,600 mcf AND 13bbl OIL in 20 days.

Is Hilcorp more into the oil end of exploration vs. gas........?


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