Is the gas industry anticipating & preparing for the next surge in natural gas demand?  LNG, Artificial Intelligence, increasing electricity demand, closing of coal powered electrical generation plants plus other signs affecting natural gas demand are being reported.  Has it started yet and how will we see it impacting drilling in the Appalachian Basin including Pennsylvania? 

Which gas companies in Appalachia are best prepared for this new natural gas surge?

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Chesapeake and Seneca are on. it LNG plant in Wyalusing there ready.

LNG will be trucked to Gibbstown NJ to load on ships on the Delaware river.

This is intriguing news for natural gas coming out of Pennsylvania.  Are there specific gas companies to provide this gas?  Who will benefit the most?  Will this LNG plant size increase over the next several years?  Where is Wyalusing located?

Bradford co. In the heart of Chesapeake wells. I wonder how much NG the plant can process.

Problem is outfits like EQT and CHK are holding back production to help support the price ... When prices rise to a profitable level , the valves will be once again opened up ... Rinse and repeat .... As a trader it important to catch the timing of the cycle ... Will demand eventually win ?  Likely so 

Ralph do you think TTE will jump out when the gas valves are opened for exporting LNG or another company jump out.?

I googled the Gibbstown LNG Project on-line and it seems approvals are not set yet.  It appears there is opposition to it from a safety standpoint of hauling LNG through highly populated communities.  Is there opposition to pipelines in the area?  Are there other sites where LNG is transported by trucks (anywhere in the US)?  Are there other LNG facilities located along the eastern coast?  Where is this gas going now without the Wyalusing plant?  Just some food for thought?

Due to politics in NY ... No new pipelines are coming .. Instead they TRUCK LNG thru NYC into Long Island when it gets cold or too hot .... I live in Bizzaro World 

Ralph,move to Tioga co. PA  buy a house with land or a farm.You would save a pile of money. 

I am on a realtors email .. They send me listings from your area ... 

 You guys are getting a pretty penny for land .... 

 I own rights just north of you in Lindley NY , extremely close to the gas transmission pipe ... 

 The MRS. swears you guys are stealing our gas via wells south of Lindley .... I tell her impossible , if shes right , I hope your getting some $$$$ from my gas .... 

The Boss  Lady wants to become a Fla resident .... Would save a lot of money ...... Need 6 months a year .... This could be the year ...... 

Just did a quick review of Total . 

 TTE seems like a solid outfit ... 

Debt levels are good 

 Dividends are always good 

 They seem to be focused on Energy transition ... Green Energy has been a tough Buck in the past year . 

 I bought a Windmill player [ US ] based after it dropped from $80 to $22 in the past 6 months ,, the stock is slowly rebounding ... [ we shall see] ... AY [ I do not currently own ] has a presentation that shows windmills only produce electric 28% of the time ...

TTE in general will rise and fall with oil and gas prices ... Where are prices headed ? 

One thing that would concern me investing a lot of money in TTE is their offshore drilling . 

 One major oil spill in the Ocean and BAM , your investment gets cut in half.... 


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