Is the gas industry anticipating & preparing for the next surge in natural gas demand?  LNG, Artificial Intelligence, increasing electricity demand, closing of coal powered electrical generation plants plus other signs affecting natural gas demand are being reported.  Has it started yet and how will we see it impacting drilling in the Appalachian Basin including Pennsylvania? 

Which gas companies in Appalachia are best prepared for this new natural gas surge?

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Who is going to get the proceeds from the Lithium the gas company's get from the frac water.

Is it just me or is everyone bewildered by the changing environment for the energy world?  It was once just a discussion of producing oil or natural gas.  Now I`m confused about the discussion about hydrocarbon, lithium, etc. words.  It sure sounds like to me our future energy needs will be fulfilled quite easily.  Will our technological minds secure our future with energy not yet developed?  Think about the news I read  this morning that the USA is producing more oil then any other country on earth! 

The 'green' energy transition will cost us 4 $$$ trillion per year .... 

 Windmills produce power 28% of the time , Solar is useless at night and stormy weather . 

 E cars are not reducing carbon all that much ... 

 Oil / especially N Gas will be needed for a long time 

 US oil production is peaking as the Permian slowly gets played out ..... 

I am sure the Gov will get theirs

Its starting to look like reducing carbon in the atmosphere by large amounts destabilizes it causing extreme weather patterns,tornadoes,winds,temperature fluxuations and more. Maybe a global warming instructor could prove me wrong?

Deep inside  South Central Fla , 40 or so miles from the coast is layer upon layer of Marine Fossils , its obvious that the Ocean once covered this entire region .. The Oceans have been falling and rising since the beginning .. It is well understood that your region in Tioga PA was once covered by the Ocean  


Is natural gas demand going to exceed production soon?  How is this demand affecting the traditional injection season?  Will we be entering the cold weather months ahead with a diminished supply of natural gas?   Will this lead to an increase for drilling?  What`s happening?

size mic co. in NW Tioga say there looking for oil.

Thanks Paleface , I will be watching .... Ten years or so ago , an outfit out of wellsville ny drilled a mile or so, oil ,searching latteral without fracs ,, it was a dud ... 

Ralph that would be Seneca looking for the oil.SIZE MIC are looking for fault lines and hot spots.From Chatham to westfield potter co.line.

Gotta get with the lingo ,,, 'size mic' ...

 In a former 'life '  I had been a special contractor involved in 'size mic' in the ocean , involved in prep work for  burying N gas lines under water ...... 

Does finding fault lines mean cavities where oil might drain into creating pools?  Just trying to understand ...


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