Penn State Extension Utica Shale Meeting: June 25, 2013, Mercer, PA

Penn State Extension will present a program, “Utica Shale – What We Know Now That We Didn’t Know Then” Tuesday, June 25, 2013 at the Penn State Extension Office-Mercer County, 463 North Perry Highway, Mercer, PA 16137.  The program will be offered from 6:30 to 8:00 PM.  

Lean condensate, oil, EUR’s, NGL’s, Mariner: what’s going on with Utica shale gas and Mercer County? Who is leasing what, where, and why? While the price of natural gas has stayed relatively low for the last several years, there seems to be a bright spot and new attention in western Pennsylvania due to our Utica Shale and the added value it might bring to drilling companies and property owners.  Join Dan Brockett and Jon Laughner, Penn State Marcellus Education Team educators as they discuss updates on production data for the region, as well as leasing and drilling activity.  A question and answer period will follow.  

Registration is required by calling Penn State Extension-Mercer County at 724-662-3141.  There will be a $10 fee per person for the event, payable at the door.

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This was a great meeting....very informative. If you get a chance to attend another, make sure you go!

Didn't anyone that starts topics here go to the meeting ? No comments what was the main subject line?

Jim: Could you perhaps throw out a few pearls from the meeting for those of us who could not attend for one reason or another? Had I been in Pennsylvania, I would gladly have paid the $10 to attend!

One statement that caught my attention was when the speaker stated there are plans for 50,000 miles of pipelines. Did I hear that correctly?Had to leave just when the Q&A session started.

Well; hard to discuss much as it was accompanied by slides that are hard to put into words.  Some slides showed micro-seismic being done while fracking and how they can track results. Others were things like geology structure. Suffice to say that things look good but not great as S Ohio has better geology....which we all knew.

Halcon has said they have joined a "data consortium" to share data with other operators but no word of what other operators were involved. But many companies are working together to maximize their results.

The Shell cracker is still unknown.  But if it comes it will require 60,000 -80,000 barrels of ethane/day.  But the area can produce 250,000-400,000/day so there is a lot of product available. But after during a discussion people with knowledge seemed to think that the cracker won't be built.  Several pipelines are being converted to carry ethane to the Gulf coast  and it may be cheaper to just do that. Just have to wait and see.

All the wells drilled so far in the region are not inline so there are no production reports but prelim statements and additional activities appear to be promising. Halcon is extending some lease offers around their current holdings but no word on what offers entailed. But the fact they are extending their offers shows they like what they found. The big ? is just how much.

The 50,000 miles remark wasn't that 50,000 miles of pipeline were planned but that it would take that much pipe to eventually develop all the shale. Might be 50 yrs before that is all in place.


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