Does anyone know the going rate for a permanent access road? I have a private road on my property that the pipeline companies have been using to access their Right of Ways on my property. They also use it to get to the right of ways on other peoples properties. Now they want to put in a new 10" condensate line across my property. They want me to sign away permanent access to the road. I don't feel they should have the right to be on my property in 10 years. They have the ability to construct a road close by. I do not currently live on the property but probably will in a few years. The offer is for access road easement and right of way 3668'in L x $4. I do not think 14k is sufficient money for life. Any ideas? I did not sign any of the previous contracts on the land due to the fact that I recently acquired it. Thank you!!!!!!

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This property is in the northern panhandle of WV

there are a lot of things to consider with this road.  I would suggest you consider carefully.   Its your land you tell them what it will take to allow you to sign off on a road not the other way around.  We are dealing with an existing gas line that is causing us some issues and they will be hard pressed to EVER get us deal with them.

all I can say is that my father bought 8 parcels witch consists of 40 akers . Across two corners of the property there was 2 , two inch lines put in place . Owned the place for 8 years then . one line was 190' the other was 110' . In the end they payed him 15 k.  He held his ground , took 2 years ruffly but was settled . So  a road and larger pipe and more feet involed....I would have to say you can get more. And should .

Thank you! I have to come up with a figure and I have to do it soon! I'm afraid of asking too much or too little!


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