what things should I be on the look out for in a pipeline agreement?

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Number of lines, what they can put in it ( brine, frack water,etc ), width of easement, temporary work spaces, time frame to complete and reseed, ingress and egress, make them put it where YOU want it.  Rebuilding fences, road maintenance because there's alot of traffic, contact numbers for problems your having with the pipeline company to get things straightened out  . And of course money.  There's alot more things to look for this is just a few ..  


    Do an internet search for the below document which has everything you need to know about a pipeline ROW.

Sign the wrong ROW contract and it will cost you, your children, their children, and so on and so forth until the end of time.

If you need a lawyer:

Pipeline Right Of Way Attorney,  Greg Brunton 614-232-2632

 For review of Pipeline Leases & Lease Contract Develpment

 email:   GBrunton@reminger.com

Here is my own version of what I think is the most important part of the ROW:

4. Purpose and Limitations on Use of Easement. This Easement is granted solely for the purposes and uses set forth and limited below:

a. Single Pipeline. This Easement allows one pipeline with a maximum diameter of __________________inches, and with the maximum pressure of product transported within the pipeline of _____ pounds per square inch. The pipeline shall be used only for the transportation of ____________________ unless renegotiated with the Lessor/landowner.

 b. Depth. The top of the pipeline shall be a minimum of forty-eight (48) inches from the surface (after construction and settlement) or such minimum depth as may be required by any applicable regulation, whichever is greater. This depth was agreed upon during negotiations with the company that holds the minerals lease on this property.

Add Survey map and pictures to define ROW granted.

The next time a pipeline crosses your land, you will be paid not the previous ROW Pipeline Co.

What Land/Surface Owners Should Know

When a Landman Shows Up

And Wants an Easement/Right of Way

To Put a Pipeline Across Your Land.

Prepared by David B. McMahon • Attorney at Law

Concentrating in Oil and Gas for Smaller Mineral Owners

1624 Kenwood Road, Charleston, WV 25314

Voice/VoiceMail 304-415-4288 • Fax 810-958-6143

E-mail: wvdavid@wvdavid.net

© May, 2010. David B. McMahon, J.D.

Contact the author for permission to distribute.

Joe I just had one installed this summer.Here is a few things we asked for (1) all tree tops and stumps were chipped and sawlogs stacked along the route. (2)a fence and gate to be installed where the ROW enters and exits the property. (3) double ditch method when the digging starts.(4) I am a hunter so we had the ROW seeded with a food plot mixture which is real nice . Our ROW project was rather painless and I'm pleased with the outcome . These are a few ideas aside from the big stuff like money and such . Hope this helps
We just had a 26 inch pipeline replaced on our farm and it was a pleasant experience, partly because we were there everyday taking pictures for the grandkids. The biggest surprise was the value of the trees that were removed. Make sure you get advice from a forester if your trees are large and can be considered heritage trees.
Question everything and remember these people are Not you friends. They will lie and spin everything,make sure you verify the total length of the right away. I would get a measuring wheel and be with them when they survey it. Good luck with this!

St. Croix,

   It's an ugly business but someone has to tell the landowners the truth.

Thanks for taking the time to educate your unsuspecting neighbors and GMS crowd.

The land men hate us, and the bad producers will learn that not everyone is a pushover up here in the Appalachian Basin.

Ron Hale

Appreciate Ron, from what I was told not to long ago it sounds like they might try me again for a rightaway it could get interesting. It is so important that all landowners understand that big oil and these landman are not looking out for our property. I have learned so much from everybody on this site and I hope all the newbies are doing the same. When I noticed how they would respond when I started to question them and they would get mad all that told me was something isn't adding up.


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