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Channel 9 News showed the vinyl  siding melted on the closets farmers home. It's a good thing this didn't happen in the summer or the house would have burned down.

I'm sure there was no financial loss to the company for the Ethane volume lost, since it was no doubt taken without Royalty payment to landowners where it was produced.

Has anyone been paid for NGLs in the Utica Play? That's where the Ethane is coming from.

I thought not.

It's gonna be a case of serious theft from landowners who now own land that has a higher quality soil to pay taxes on. Notice that Oil and Gas weren't mentioned in Columbus when the Real Estate taxes increased. That keeps those of us with leases that require the O&G producer to pay the increase in taxes related to production, responsible to pay the tax increase, while the Producer rations our royalties to $57 per acre per month.

Was this a coincidence or is someone teamed up with the O&G companies?


Have you started any type of lawsuit against Chesapeake?

Ron, I understand your frustration and anger with the state of royalty payments or lack thereof, but do you really need to hijack every thread with it?

Your concerns absolutely merit discussion on the site... but the topic you posted on here really isn't related...

KDKA also had a piece on the explosion.  The pipeline explosion was in Follansbee WV.

Melted siding on the house is also what happened to the Zehentbauer Farm House when the Tennessee Gas Pipeline blew up back on February 10th, 2011. (Hanoverton Ohio).


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