I have been looking at the well permit activity in Susquehanna County this morning. I am a landowner in the play and new to the natural gas business, so I am trying to educate myself.

I note that three wells have been permitted in Liberty Twp, which is some distance from any existing pipeline I can find a map for. I assume that collection pipelines will have to be built to connect the wells to a major pipeline such as the Tennesse.

My first question is will the active companies build one line together or will each company build it's own?

The second is has anyone heard of any pipeline activity in Susquehanna County?

I guess these questions sound rudimentary but I am curious about how this is going to work and how long it will take to develop the necessary infrastructure to bring the area of northeast PA on-line.

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One can get efacts notices sent daily from PA DEP for well permits, by county. One gas line going in from Wyalusing to Benton 43 miles. Land Survey being completed now. Called Stagecoach. Involves Bradford, Sullivan and Lyoming Counties -- close to the corner of Susquehanna.
Somewhat outdated. In PA go to state DEP for current and up to date data.


emaps will show current well locations.....takes some time to work out navigation of well locations......you have to get down to 1 mile scale before wells start showing up. Choose wells on second tab.


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