Neo - Fascism ? ?  Or Degrees of Socialism / Communism ? ?

Pick your poison.

Right here in the Land of the Free / Home of the Brave ? ?

Whaaaaaaaat ? ?

Still can't find a candidate's bus to hop on myself.


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Don't worry.. .you will finally wake up one day..and  VOTE TRUMP  !!

After all...

He doesn't smoke

He doesn't use drugs

He doesn't drink

His kids seem quite smart

He has had 2-3 business failurs...



and Bernie or the Hag ??  What have they done..  ?

Pretty easy choice...   :)

Well stated.

Bernie or the Hag, lol....I'm in the floor laughing.

I'm going with "Hildabeast"!

As I see it the "CHOICES" (so-called) are :

1) New Age Republican (Elitist Authoritarian Right Wing Conservative / Neo-Fascist ?)

2) New Age Democrat (Elitist Authoritarian Left Wing Liberal Socialist / Communist ?)

3) Libertarian (Self Described Small Government Liberal Centrist ?)

4) Write In

5) Don't Vote / Stay At Home

"CHOICES" - Really ? ?


Me and mine would vote for leadership that would protect our rights and strengthen our capacity to maintain and grow everything we've worked for throughout our lives.

We are not looking for any who want to do otherwise - that would be any who want to diminish those elements and redistribute them to others.

We would term people like ourselves and leaders that represent us 'Americans'.

We can't find political representation today and haven't been able to find it for a long time now.

Good luck to all of us - we know we need it.

Has anyone listened to this racial ridden mindset person?  Everyone who might have a tiny bit of Mexican heritage is a drug pusher according to Trumplestilskin.  And every person that has fallen on hard times and needs a little assistance is little more then a parasite.

 What is going to happen when he addresses a leader from another country with all the corrosive comments he is noted for about other candidates running for president?  Do you think they will welcome him when he spouts some nasty fact about their country and leadership?

We need a leader that is willing to LISTEN to everyone and who understands how to at least not make a situation worse and starts a riot among the people listening to his words.


I have seen no evidence of the mindset of Mr. Trump being racist. He has not called "all" Mexicans drug dealers. This is all a part of the misinformation campaign of the media which is completely in the tank for HiLIARy.

Many of the illegals crossing the border are drug dealers and are also rapists, murders and all manner of criminal. I applaude his courage to address this issue, you don't hear that coming from any other national politician. Certainly not HiLIARy.

This issue will actually help him this November. Many loyal Americans of Mexican descent are fed up with illegal crossings as most Americans are. 

As for those on assistance, he has never suggested that they are parasites. He has stated that there is fraud and abuse in the assistance programs that needs to be addressed.

Further, you are naive and don't read much international news. Name calling and one upmanship is common between international leaders. For example, the campaign being waged by Vladimir Putin and the Russian press against Barak Obama.

Until the primary campaign we heard little of the dealings between Mr. Trump and his business associates. That's because Mr. Trump knows how to conduct himself. I expect the same to occur when he is President.

I certainly know one thing for sure, leaders around the world will respect him or fear him. He will not be an international joke like our current President. 

You obviously have not heard his words in context and in whole. It's  obvious that you rely on the sound bites (taken out of context) from the dishonest media.The media which works for and is controlled by HilLIARy.

Finally, with respect for the subject matter of this site; Mr. Trump will put the needs of our domestic oil and gas industry over that of those of other countries. That will be good for us here in Utica and Marcellus Shale country.

Well said, I totally agree!

Well said I totally agree!

If you are a contractor doing a job for trump, getting paid for your work from him might be a bigger job then what was actually done for him.  The news agencies are condemned for digging up the facts about this man. Why is trump afraid of what they might dig up?


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