What do you know regarding the positioning of current politicians that support the landowners and their rights/protections in this industry, particularly those running for office or reelection. Pennsylvania is my main interest, but Ohio feel free to chime in for the benefit of your fellow Ohioans. Please don't make this a republican/democrat debate; this issue is where they stand regardless.

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Also West Virginia

For sure, WV too. My apologies for neglecting to mention the West Virginians!


Its kind of difficult to not turn this into a democrat/republican debate. I will start by saying both side make me want to vomit and as far as landowner rights/protections go i don't believe either side could give a rats behind about them. What i do know is that the Wolf wants to tax oil and gas. Its the same old song and dance rich, oil, fat cats vs starving uneducated PA children. I also believe that in some dark Harrisburg ally Corbett is getting a kickback. Anybody who visits this forum should know that this is the disgusting system we have come to accept. So the choise is a turd sandwich or an excrement taco. Enjoy your lunch and don't forget to vote. 

From what I can tell, you're on the right bus there Ragnars Repo.

I'm thinking a politician is a politician whether a R or D or Other.

They all serve themselves 1st.

Good luck we need it.

When it comes to that race, I don't care for either.  Strictly on the issue at hand, the Wolfe tax will inevitably be passed on to the landowners, I'm sure.  Corbett already passed a huge gas tax.

I will refrain from sharing my thoughts on kickbacks and selling off (or trying to sell) cash cows (lottery.)

Just read the article, ugh, agree.  They all think that "we the people" are just plain stupid. 

Have there been any honest attempts or proposals by anyone trying to stop these royalty deductions beyond the PA minimum of 12.5%? Or for stopping sales from O&G firms to a partner at a reduced rate with artificially inflated costs with the intention to recoup at a later transaction?


    Do a search on your gov and you'll find he collected the Political Action Committee (PAC) money from Chesapeake in 2005 when he was the PA attorney general. The PAC money has been exposed as being private slush funds for politicians that they can take with them to Washington when the people find out they are serving themselves and vote them out of office. If the politician shows up in Washington as a Lobbyist, he gets to keep spending that PAC money.Why do you think Washington is full of Lobbyists.

When I found out in the 80s that PAC money was needed from the employees of large companies to sway the politicians to their way of thinking, I didn't give a dime since that's a lot like a bribe or using money to influence a politician which makes the politician fit the definition of corrupt.

Also PAC money has been used by the followers of some politicians to throw parties, job search and travel after the politician they followed passed on to where ever bad politicians and ceos go. I'm sure the sight would be disturbing so I don't want to know.

Now I know there are politicians, PAC donators, and ceo's out there who would disagree with my opinion since you believe in "Gray Areas", White Lies" and Various Degrees of Truth, etc but I don't and I'm the one at the keyboard. 




Im really interested in the empower pac. Tom Wolf loves workers rights as long as they don't work in the fracking industry. He is also very pro union, just see how many union employees work at his cabinet shop.

Im curious Mr. Hale, how did you deduce i "believe in Gray Areas, White Lies and Various Degrees of Truth"? What part of both sides makes me want to vomit was grey?


     I was giving my opinion, it wasn't actually directed at you. Besides, I think we are both on the same side, and why would I attack someone I don't know.

Lets be friends, I'm sure we have enough enemies.   

Sorry. Apparently my self centered-ness has gotten the best of me.


      We are all in a bad place right now with the producers having their way with us and the government either ignoring what is going on or helping themselves to the money being stolen from us.

I know my blood pressure has taken a hit, since I'm not use to standing by and watching while my neighbors are being stolen from. My neighbors include all Ohio Land Owners so I have a lot on my plate.

The lawyers want us to say Uncle and give them a large share of what we should have made if the oil and gas companies were playing fair. The oil and gas companies want to walk away with our minerals without sharing with us.

Some landowners will say it's more than I would have gotten if the Shale Play hadn't happened and ignore the theft. Others will go to court and recover a small amount of what will be stolen from them. A few will look for the legal solution to make a lawless O&G company clean up their act or go back to where they came from. 

Correcting the O&G company's behavior is the only solution that will benefit the state since tax dollars are being lost every day that the theft continues.

I figure in the end the state will be able to recover some of the tax losses by taking those who stood by while in charge, to court and confiscate their new found wealth. Maybe some prison time and loss of retirement benefits will teach them that the people are still in charge in Ohio.

Make sure you vote and re-elect everyone in charge so they will be available in office when the legal tide turns.

Read my latter post.  PUCO under the good graces of Ohio government allowed the oil and gas companies to not make pipeline projects part of public record until the pipelines were in and getting inspected. I attempted to find out how close and when I could expect a well which was part of my decision making in whether to sell my rights or keep them. When I called PUCO to get info on the pipelines, I was told Ohio didn't want to make it part of public record because it would increase the costs for the oil and gas companies to get land leased. What does this mean? Our own Reps screwed us over when were weren't looking.

I found this to be extremely disturbing.  Guess I shouldn't be surprised.  Scott Brion, do you have a counterpart in OH?

Alida, see his recent post.


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