We have been offered a preliminary lease in for mineral rights in Tyler County. 

We have done some research and found one Lessor who signed for mineral rights on 100% of the acreage.  Yet, the oil company's lease to us is for 25%.  How is this possible?


I trust mineral rights are listed on a deed and owe property taxes.  To my knowledge, there are no unpaid taxes, so who really owns these rights?


Can someone recommend a couple good attorneys in the area. I am aware of Nuttal and would like to have an alternative.


I am able to travel to Tyler in the near future.  I believe I can visit the Tyler County Govt office and do research on the subject property, both for surface and mineral rights.  Is this correct?


Are there any local owners' meetings in the near future? 


Any persons local to the area that I can communicate with before and during my visit?



Thank you.

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I like Kyle Nuttall and use him. In addition there have been a few other names mentioned on a Doddridge thread on another forum. It sounds like there needs to be a search at the Courthouse to trace title back.

I found a couple other names: Cynthia Loomis in Salem WV 304 873-4350 Harrison Co.

Dean Frederick Rohrig (304) 758-2114 in Middlebourne (Tyler County)

I don't know anything about these attorneys except that people have recommended them.

Thanks Nancy.

I have been following Nuttall for months.  I like what I see in his responses to postings by others.  


I am seriously considering a trip back there to check out the area. 


Again, I ask:  Has anyone seen a lease where all the signing bonus is offset by future royalties?

I have property on the wetzel Tyler line. I haven't heard of what you are asking and none of my neighbors have ever mentioned anything like that and I'm sure it would have come up. Are you saying that you end up paying the bonus back when totality payments come in?

Yes, Jason.  The royalties, as offered, are offset $ for $ until the upfront payment is exhausted. 


This is one issue that jumps out at me....but, having done some research, we will definitely have an atty look at it.  


Thank you. It doesn't seem right that anyone could write something that most people can't understand and it probably doesn't matter what is wriiten because it would take a judge and jury to interpret it.

The oil companies throw it out there and a large % of the people throw in the towel and sign.  The oil companies know this.


Were is your property in Tyler. I am on 8 mile ridge appx. 4 miles from reader and 3 miles from big moses on Indiana creek. Most of our property is in wetzel with just the tip in Tyler. There is activity in the area but not much. They did run a 12 inch line 2650 feet across the property. Did pretty good with that. Hopefully they will have to put more.
They are also running water lines out the ridge. I hope this gets things going quicker

You can do a Tax and Document search online here:


Thanks! Fandango. I didn't know they had anything online.

If I have the map and parcel number, can I walk into the Tyler County offices and obtain deeds for the surface owners and mineral rights owner?


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