My family has some average in Hebron Township and we were leased a few years ago but the lease has since expired.

Is there anything going on now days, it’s been pretty quiet.

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JKLM was working in Summit and Ulysses - pretty good wells. As far as I know JKLM hasn't leased anything in Potter in 2021. 

We are in the pool of the last active well (small portion).  Nothing else has happened as far as we know.  A lot of our acreage is avail for lease as of Jan 20 and no contact.  Prices, PA regulatory issues, PA fees are hurting the industry. 

If gas prices in our area recover (right now producers in PA get far less for their gas than the ones in Texas) JKLM could resume some limited drilling. But if they do, I suspect they will just lease what they actually need for each drilling unit they want to test. The days of large leasing plays are probably over in Potter County. But that doesn't mean we might not see more drilling eventually in the better areas that JKLM has already established. It's all a matter of doing this profitably, and that's mainly going to be driven by Appalachian gas prices.


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