Potter County PA: JKLM's Sweden Valley Utica Well producing 9.8 mmcf / day for Feb

JKLM's first Utica well in Potter County PA did a 9.2 mmcf / day for 24 days in January.  The February report just hit and they posted a 9.8 mmcf / day.  This is Potter County's first UTICA well.  JKLM is currently drilling more wells in Potter.  

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That is excellent info and I thank you for sharing it.
The permit was taken out in May, 2015, and they already have a producer.
Looks like two other permits were obtained at the same time that will target the Utica from that same pad.
This production, coupled with Shell's/Swepi's ongoing success over in Tioga, may greatly expand the productive area of the Utica formation.

BTW, I think the 24 day January output was only 952 MMcfd with a total of 22,857 MMcf. They may very well have been gingerly introducing the flow online so as not to hinder this deep completion.

All Appalachian Basin operators do not want to repeat Range's experience with their first Claysville Sportsman's well.
The January production number was corrected, some how they missed a decimal. If you pull up the Jan report, it NOW shows a 9.2 mmcf / day number for 24 days. It now reads 222,857 for Jan. Funny how those errors get made, isn't it? Please pull up the report yourself, and you will see it.

Feb clearly shows 9.8, very interesting that the number actually went up!

I think JKLM is up to 4-5 permitted pads, with over 8 wells fully permitted. Anyone have the exact numbers?

Question is, who comes in next?

How does 9.2 mmcf/day compare with other wells in Potter, Tioga, Bradford, or Susquehanna?  If I remember correctly, the top 10 producing NG wells in PA are around 20.2 mmcf/day (or better).  What's the top producing well in Potter?


The 9 MMcfd in and of itself may not be the most noteworthy statistic. Wells in Bradford and, certainly, Susquehanna, do have some eye popping production flows. (The #1 Marcellus well, Cabot's T Flower 2 flowed 13 MMcfd to 30 MMcfd for over a year and a half. Three years on, still over 8 MMcfd).
The Scotts Run in the Deep Utica is flowing 30 MMcfd for eight months now.
The bigger issue may be a relatively high flowing well that has successfully targeted the Utica way farther to the west than anyone has done before.
Historical production from Potter has been fair, at best, and primarily targeted the Marcellus.
In Tioga, Shell/SWEPI has about a dozen Utica wells with flows from 8/10 MMcfd after 6 - 12 months online.
The 'takeaway' with this JKLM well would be to see how the production profile holds up and if the results are repeatable with future wells.
If both factors are positive, the productive Utica area has just expanded significantly.

I agree.  This year could be bang or bust.  9.2mmcf/day is good (not blockbuster, but good) but how long can it sustain (and how many other wells can hit that mark) are good questions.  Either way, good news for Potter.  

Was curious how 9.2MMcfd ranked for Potter county.   Does anyone know if there have been any other Utica wells drilled that beat that?

That's the only Utica well in Potter County, so by definition it's #1.  ;)


I'm not sure categorizing the Utica as bang or bust is an accurate description of where things currently stand. The Utica shale is present in McKean, Potter, and Tioga. keep in mind, the 9.2 mmcf / day is a 24 DAY number, the 9.8 mmcf / day is a 29 day number. I agree not blockbuster, but def strong results for well #1.

Concur.  Perhaps a better term is "guarded optimism".  Good news for Potter county in any event.  Does anyone know how Tenaska's Utica "Science" well is going?

Update:  March Production --- 353,148 mcf, actually went UP.

11.4 mmcf / day for 31 days, which is an increase of 1.6 mmcf / day from Feb.  Well is currently tracking like a 10 BCF curve, if not slightly better.  Most likely already passed the 1BCF mark in April.


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